Wednesday, September 30, 2009

605 Of COURSE They Have Nukes

605 Of COURSE They Have Nukes

Mo's from Tehran, originally. That's what he calls himself, Mo. You gotta think it's probably not short for Moses and probably IS short for Mohammad. But Mo's what he wants to be called. Left Iran in the early 1980s.

We're sitting on the porch with some Turkish coffee's he's brought ("You gotta get a grinder. This stuff is much better when you grind it fresh.") "This stuff" is thick as syrup and tastes like it was brewed in 1937 (it's always 1937 in Istanbul) even though we brewed it in the kitchen maybe ten minutes ago.

So, says Mo, they buried a nuke plant in a mountain and didn't bother mentioning it until we ("we" to Mo is the United States) discover it and tell the Associated Press. And they think we're going to buy the "peaceful purposes" bunk? "If it's peaceful, why you have to bury it?" "If it's peaceful, why not publicize both the thing and its specific purposes."

Mo thinks Iran's going to use one of those new missiles it has to lob a "conventional" warhead into either Israel or Iraq, just to show they can. "And when that happens, the Israelis are going to nuke the nuke plant and here comes World War III."

Mo is reminded that everyone thinks the Israelis have nuclear weapons but no one knows for sure. "Of COURSE they have nukes," he says. "And WE know for sure and so does everyone within range." Hard to argue with that, even though no one's ever spotted a test.

That's a pretty grim scene, but Mo's convinced that it could happen easily and soon. "Obama is the new Roosevelt," says Mo, and like FDR, "he needs a war to get us out of the depression. And it can't just be Afghanistan. That's not big enough or important enough."

Cynical? Negative? Sure. Accurate? Who knows. It certainly would solve some problems. And create tons (or megatons) more.

We return to the coffee which is even worse served cool than served hot.


--Furnace filters are the mirror opposite of computer batteries. The 30 day filter, which costs one dollar lasts for six weeks and the 90 day filter, which costs ten bucks, lasts a month. With computer batteries, the two hour version lasts 20 minutes and the more expensive five hour version lasts two hours.

--After tussling for three months with a home shopping channel about a return, they decided on a change of strategy. "Instead of waiting another month for a pre paid return label, we've given you a full refund. Now throw the damn thing out." Way to go, and thanks to the channel which will remain unidentified, but it's one of the majors.

--I've semi retired from guitar playing after more than 50 years. The instruments call to me, but what I do with them has become unsatisfying and boring. Would rather spend the hour watching Springer or playing computer solitaire.

I'm Wes Richards. My opinions are my own, but you're welcome to them.®
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