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918 Projection

918 Projection

This is the right wing’s real weapon of mass destruction, and it probably comes from personal fear.  It’s called projection and Freud first came up with the concept.  Projection is when you blame others for the evil feelings you harbor or positions you take.

Example:  Little Rickey Santorum the presidential wannabe said in one of those cheap debates he opposed ending “don’t ask, don’t tell” because that would introduce “social engineering” into the military.  In the first place, it’s not “introducing.”  There’s plenty of social engineering there to begin with.  Second, it’s Little Rickey Sanitarium who is trying to social engineer.

Example:  Obama wants the rich to pay its share of deficit recovery.  Rep. Paul Ryan says the President is waging class warfare.  Wait a minute, Pauly.  WHO is waging class warfare?

Example:  Rush Limbaugh says dealing with a liberal is like fighting a one armed lunatic.  He’s just going to keep on swinging.  WHO is going to keep on swinging?

Got the picture?  You can find countless other examples on your own. This is what they do.  And they don’t do it by accident.

Sigmund would have a picnic with these guys.  Projection.  It’s the little seed of the Big Lie.  Jung described a different kind of event.  He said in “Man and His Symbols” that all political agitation is based on projection.”  So that rally Glenn Beck held?  You fill in the blank.

It’s also a handy tool to keep one’s self righteousness in good repair.  “You are the cause of all our problems.  Without your nonsense, life would be paradise.”


It happens on both ends of the political spectrum.  But nowadays it’s largely a function of the right.  They tell us that were it not for the opposition, all our problems would be solved, and probably overnight.

They are working toward institutionalized paranoia.  They are trying to convince you that you cause the evil for which they stand.  Not much of a conservative position.  Where’s that self responsibility you all keep quacking about?  And that’s not only projection, it’s downright nuts.


--Want to cure extremism?  Here’s how: compel people with “The Solution” to live in a miniature version of their ideal for a year and see how well they do under the weight of whichever “ism” they’re preaching.  They’ll come out of that wringer as pristine moderates.

--Did anyone doubt Russia’s Medvedev was only a placeholder?  Prime minister Putin’s running for president in 2012 and there’s no doubt he’ll win and the guys’ll switch jobs.  So the long march away from dictatorship and toward neo-dictatorship will continue uninterrupted.

--A friend returns from the Arab middle east and writes he can’t get on an elevator there if there is a woman on board.  She could be stoned, he says, if they are “caught” together even if they haven’t talked or even made eye contact.  And these are our ALLIES.

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