Tuesday, June 02, 2009

554 Hearing Voices

554 Hearing Voices

"Thou Shalt Not Kill."  -- Exodus (King James version.)

"Thou Shat Not Commit Murder."  --Exodus (Original Hebrew.)

Pretty simple instruction regardless of which translation you use.  Even Sarah Palin gets it.  America's Hokey Hockey Mowm issued a statement berating the guy who shot the doctor in a Kansas church last Sunday.

Killing -- in church?

Great publicity for the anti-abortion wackos who insist they be called "pro life."  Sure to attract hordes of new crowds to The Movement.  

What crime drew this punishment to 67 year old George Tiller, MD of Wichita?  He performed abortions.  Sometimes, even "late term" abortions.  Which are legal. And rare.  So let's look at what passes for the logic of an attack like this.  Early term abortion docs get assassinated fairly regularly, too.  Which means the assassins consider the blob of protoplasm inside a woman's uterus is a life, but the doctor who would remove it is not?

These shooters hear voices.  And the voices never talk about the meek inheriting the earth or do unto others or anything like that.  These voices tell them to go out and commit murder.  And they listen and obey and swear by the Bible that they're on a personal mission for God (or for God and country.)  "Abortion is murder," they'll tell you.  "Fetuses have feelings after about two weeks after conception," they'll say.

Of course, some of the voices they hear are real.  Like that of Bill O'Reilly, the Fox rabble rouser who has been yowling about Dr. Tiller for quite some time.  O'Reilly says the guy had blood on his hands and would kill any baby for $5,000 with or without a reason.  Others weighed in as well.  "Deserved to die..."  "Nazi" "Stalinist."  "Mass murderer."

What's almost as disturbing about this whole thing is that it went away in 48 hours.  Barely a word on the story two days after it happened.  It just disappeared.  Oh, it'll be back when the shooter goes to court.  And when he goes on trial.  But something like this usually holds media and public attention a whole lot longer.

Meantime, what ever happened to the "shalt not kill" thing.  Maybe it doesn't apply to everyone.


--Ah, the bucolic life.  Small time America thrives.  Pay no attention to that skyrocketing rate of murders, rapes and robbery the FBI reported, as urban crime of the same types sank.

--Who knew?  A study out of Cincinnati Children's Hospital has learned that teen girls who present themselves provocatively on line, they'll be hit on more often than if they present themselves as demure.  Duh!

--Readers of last Monday's post now know how cleverly -- perhaps stunningly -- perceptive it was.  We want to thank President Obama for buying us a nice big car company.  Next time, though, could you buy us a company that stands a chance of making a buck?

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