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561 The Holy Brothers

561 The Holy Brothers

This nut ball Carter? You hear a guy like that braying about the middle east and you have to think "who's paying this guy off?" And another thing, who thinks this guy's words are worth a payoff?

Jimmy of giant rabbit and lusting heart fame is fast becoming almost as atrocious as Bush II. They share plenty. Hyper-moralizing, holier than thou-ism, for example. A myopic view of the middle east, though apparently not on the same side. And each has an advanced case of the smarmies.

Jimmuh was over in the desert the other day. While he was there, the very people he supports so vigorously were reported as trying to assassinate him. Didn't bother Mr. Peanut. Plus a spokesman for whichever mob of terrorists was thought to be ready to pull the trigger or blow up the limo denied they had any such intentions.

While the assassin was reported strapping on the suicide bomb, Carter was busy telling his co-freedom-fighters to recognize Israel. Brilliant. Immediately thereafter, he told the unrecognized Israel to stop bombing Hamas controlled territory, which they already had. Jimmuh called it "abuse," conveniently leaving out the reasons that Israel counterattacked in the first place. Oh, well, no one's perfect. Just a little oversight.

But what are the roots of what some of us have begun to call the Carter Problem? Pretty simple, really. Myopia. He sees the world as what he is: a religious cuckoo who figures he can impose his will (which he mistakes for God's will) on people who will have none of it. Jimbo -- and most of the rest of us -- haven't a clue about how things work over there -- to the extent they work at all.

The Washington Post of 6/17/09 quotes Jimmuh as saying "Palestinians" in Gaza are being treated more like animals than human beings. Um... Mr. President, who started?

Carter says in his latest book that the Israelis have to work to cool Arab animosity. Um... Mr. President, who started?

It appears that the Israelis saw Bush's America as friend and it's no secret that this week's Israeli government thinks the opposite today. Who can blame them?

Carter and Bush, two peanuts fighting in a shell.

Then, there's the Palin factor. She said something about being able to see Russia from her house. Russia is not going to attack Palin's house any time soon. But if you stand on the southern tip of Israel, all of nine miles wide, you can see Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. If you stand on the extreme northern tip, you can see Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

Surrounded by friends like that, Mr. Peanut, what would you do?


--Don't you love assurances like this? The supreme leader of Iran says the rigged election there wasn't really rigged. You say you were expecting reform? Increase your meds.

--Let's hear it for Allen Stanford, the billionaire from Texas. He sold phony certificates of deposits which turned out to be worthless. A big fraud, but not of the kind or scope that Bernie Madoff, unless you were one of his investors.

--Cranky old ex CBS editor Larry McCoy has written a book called "Everyone Needs an Editor (Some Of Us More Than Others.)" Larry is the snapping turtle of newsmen. And the book is worth your time.


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