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830 If it Quacks Like a Duck

830 If It Quacks Like a Duck

A friend passes along a politically incorrect internet joke. It shows a small talking doll, a woman in traditional Muslim garb. The caption: “no one knows what it says because no one has...” worked up the nerve to pull the string.

Well, there’s a real life version and now, this doll has pulled its own string. And while it didn’t blow up, it might as well have. Or may as well have.

Meet Saif al-Islam Gadaffi, son of Moammar Kadafi-Duck and Libya’s front man for fake reform. You-can-call-him-Al has a doctorate from The London School of Economics. He dresses in western suits like Gorbachev. Talks about reform. Holds secret and apparently productive meetings with Israel. Says things that US politicians like.

But strip away the London School and the London suits and what do you get? Kadafi-Duck, Jr. Complete with AK-47 and fatigues. Complete with “fighting to the last drop of blood and the last bullet” to maintain rule of one of the world’s top five oil producers.

People who know the guy are shocked! How can this be? This Great Reformer. This Liberal. This paragon of tolerance and compromise is out there with daddy, confusing himself with his population and to his country’s population. Al, babes, those guys you’re fighting? They’re the Libyan people. That’s not the same thing as being you.

Others say maybe he’s conspiring with the oil speculators to bring us a new improved version of expensive gasoline. Five dollars a gallon by summer, anyone?

New boss, same as the old boss.

Why are they shocked? Probably because they believed the publicity releases about this guy without looking too closely. After all, oil is all. And who wants to know the truth, anyway?

Scratch a middle eastern potentate and what do you get? A middle eastern potentate. Scratch a middle eastern reformer and what do you get? A middle eastern potentate.

But no need to scratch any more. Now we know what side he’s really on.

Hey, Al, you got a permit for that assault rifle?


--Also in the middle east, they know how to raise money. Iran’s President Achmadinidad’s car, a 1977 Peugeot worth about two grand, has sold at auction for $2.5 million. Supposedly the money will go to build a low income housing project and maybe a missile or two.

--Thanks to the Pope, all of us Jews can breathe a sigh of relief, since we no longer are, he says, “responsible” for the death of Jesus. Um... kind of a case of rhetoric catching up with reality. Good thing, too, because there’s no statute of limitations on this.

--NPR says former White House Lawyer Greg Craig has a new client, John Edwards. Edwards is facing an indictment charging he used campaign funds to cover up his affair. There IS a statute of limitations on that one.

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