Friday, November 30, 2012

1103 Casey Anthony Again

The hot babe America loves to hate is back in the news.  An idiotic and probably libelous bunch of stories about the “tot mom” has surfaced recently, led by HLN Television in general and America’s two angriest women, Nancy Grace and Jane Valez-Mitchell in particular.

Here’s what happened:  The accused and acquitted murderer of her two year old daughter, Anthony, apparently -- though unproven -- conducted a search on her family’s home computer using the term “fool proof suffocation...”

This happened on the day authorities claim the baby died.  And this has provoked countless hours hammering away at Anthony, her parents, her lawyers and countless other people.  Grace and Mitchell spit out gratuitous one-liners and parenthetical phrases, winks and nods that let you know that they really know... they KNOW that Casey killed the kid.

How?  Somehow.

Anthony’s lawyers knew about this search, but the computer geniuses at the Orange County FL (Orlando) Sheriff’s office didn’t and the prosecution never brought it up.

The jury found Anthony not guilty.  That’s the end of it. Period.

There’s no federal violation that would call for a new trial in federal court, and the state of Florida had its chance and couldn’t connect its dots to the satisfaction of the jury.

That’s it.  She’s free.  Did she get away with murder?  It sure looks that way to many.  Can anyone do anything about it if she did?  No.

What’s the next legal step?  If it’s possible to launch a lawsuit on the basis of innuendo, parenthetical expressions, scowls, winks and nods, Nancy and Jane would need lawyers of their own.  So would Time Warner/CNN, owners of the sleazy HLN network.

It would be really nice to lock these two women up for awhile or at least put a dent in their assets.  But, of course, that won’t happen.

In a way you can forgive HLN for Valez Mitchell.  It’s always nice to have a somewhat attractive half-Hispanic un-closeted homosexual recovering alcoholic on your staff.  Meets a lot of EOC standards.

Grace?  Graceless.  She gives journalists and lawyers a bad name, and we don’t need the help.


--Oh, and speaking of stupid law enforcement tricks as we were earlier, the Nassau County New York Police supplied some confetti for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and some of it had social security numbers and other private information printed on it for anyone who picked it up and looked at it to see.  Now, there’s a “thorough investigation” underway. Who’s going to take the fall for this one?

--The guy who owns the factory in Bangladesh where all those people died in the fire?  He says he wasn’t aware he needed more exits and exit signs.  Absentee landlords of this ilk need to be taught a lesson and made an example of.

--Thanks to readers for all the suggestions for the upcoming WestraDamus 2012.  It’s the 24th annual edition and will be here and on the 'Damus Website late next month.  Since next month starts tomorrow, the wait is short and the suggestion box remains open.

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