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1216 Get Up and DO Something

1216 Get Up and DO Something

For awhile, there, it was common for the anti-choice crowd to sport bumper stickers or t-shirts with “Adoption, not abortion” on them.

That’s kind of faded.  And with good reason.

You ask someone with one of those shirts “how many kids have you adopted?”  The answer usually was none.

“Well, why haven’t you, hotshot?” “Umm. Uh. Ahhh.”  

It’s easier than ever to adopt. The bar is pretty low, but evidently not low enough.

In other news, the Republican Party is self destructing because the former mainstays have ceded control to its psychoneurotic delusional wing. It has become the party of hysterical fantasy.

The Democratic Party is self destructing by proposing impractical solutions to real problems, removing the spines of its office holders and office seekers and relying on unfocused goal-free roving bands of walking on air party boys and girls to carry what’s left of its message.

Reason enough, say the relatively sane among each group, to form a new party.

“Well, why haven’t you, hotshot?” “Umm. Uh. Ahhh.”

Of course that’s a pretty big task.  Last one with any clout ran Mr. Magoo and “Elbow” from “Measure for Measure” at the top of the ticket.  Not a winning combination.  So the bar is pretty low, but, evidently not low enough.

The point here is everyone talks about this stuff and no one does anything.

There are plenty of obstacles to any plan for increasing adoption, not the least of which is the imbecile attitude that if he/she isn’t from my gene pool, they’re not my kids.  

Then there’s politics.  Forming a third party from scratch requires effort, energy, money and patience.  It’s that last one that troubles too many.  

It can’t happen overnight.  It can’t rest on one candidate’s personality or persona, even if he or she is sane, a truly rare occurrence in today’s climate.

The system didn’t break overnight and it’s not going to get fixed overnight.  

So what are the advocates doing besides trying to “reform from the inside” which may be impossible?  They’re hoping the tooth fairy will leave them what they want under the pillow and to their delight they’ll find it in the morning.

Both these ideas need to grow from the ground up and without “patrons” like the anti-abortion movement and the Koch brothers.

Shrapnel (Jazeera edition):

--Good debut.  They raced out of the starting gate like Seabiscuit at a pony ride.  Here’s hoping they can maintain what probably is the best start ever in the relatively young field of cable news.

--CNN’s Jeff Zucker has probably torn out what little was left of his hair.  PBS and NPR should be stacking sandbags at the river.  Fox has nothing to worry about.

--Jazeera is handicapped by low clearances, the number of places that can receive it and because it’s placed in the pay-extra cable and satellite transmission systems that do carry it.  it’s also handicapped by a lack of flashy Fox foxes.  Could be a growing audience for all that long form news, though.

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