Friday, June 08, 2018

1955 A Game to Start the Weekend

Okay, let’s play Guess Who?

Here’s a partly undisclosed quotation: X’s work “entitles you to no degree of … credibility.”  Who said that and about whom?  Okay, here’s the “who” part: R. Giuliani. 

Any guesses? Bernard Kerik? David Dinkins? His first wife, Reginia Peruggi?  His second wife, Donna Hanover?None of the above. We’re talking about Stormy Daniels.

The former fake crime fighter and flyweight mayor of New York is in Israel, talking to a conference about the way women are treated.

The real headline: Tired Old Fox Guards Chicken Coop.

He’s out there campaigning for trump, saying things like “she can’t be believed… there was no affair.”

No, there wasn’t.  An affair would imply trump valued her. trump doesn’t value anyone.  Any. One.  (And yes, that includes himself.)But Rudy, what about cheating on your wives before you divorced them?  What about that kind of treatment of women.Who has no credibility?

I report, you decide.

But he didn’t just deride her.  He iced the house he was guarding by saying you could “just look at her…” and see what she is.

What she is an attractive middle-aged businesswoman making a good living in a trade that is easy pickings for a campaigning holier- than- thou politician to demean.  Think Rudy’s never watched a porn movie?  Think he’s never seen a pole dance? And make no mistake about it. Rudy is on the campaign trail. They all are, the politicians.

The lawyer calls the aggrieved dishonest.  Lovely.

And just to be completely fair and balanced, the porn industry has struck back with a vengeance, calling Roo-D’s comments offensive and not showing proper respect.

Here’s one more Giuliani gem on this topic.-Melania doesn’t believe trump took Stormy to bed.  What do you expect her to say?  “I let Donald sleep around any time he wants.  That way he leaves me alone to play with my own friends here on the retail floor of the Tower.”

Nothing Rudy touches ever ends the way he wants it to.  Before the Trade Center attack, he couldn’t have gotten reelected dogcatcher. During it he was on TV 24/7.  After that he quickly reverted to form.

As US Attorney, appeals courts reversed his convictions on a production line. They just kept sending alleged mobsters back onto the streets.

And here’s one you may not know about. Rudy was a Democrat until 1981 when became a Republican and got busy kissing Reagan’s ass to get a job in the Justice Department. Which he got.

They put him in charge of screwing the Hattian refugees running for their lives from Baby Doc. That job at the Justice Department didn’t last long.  Say what else you will about Reagan, he had genuine compassion.  

Giuliani’s not the guy to put in charge of something where part of the job description lists “compassion.”

Eventually, trump will discover that Rudy is the typhoid Mary of politics.  And maybe that’s not a bad thing.  Some good-hearted soul should send the president a vial of typhoid vaccine.  It’s effective if you use it early enough.

 TODAY’S QUOTE: “President (t)rump really needs to unload this mouthy, self-aggrandizing buffoon. Between Giuliani and Bolton, the summit could be called off again -- maybe for good.” Major league radio consultant, program director and thinker John Mainelli on Guiliani.
 SHRAPNEL:--Here’s another juicy fun fact for your weekend barbecue: Mitt Romney tells donors he expects trump to be re-elected in 2020.  Let’s hope he’s wrong.  But if he’s right, what does that say about those of us who’ll let that happen?

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