Friday, August 07, 2009

582 Meeting Madness

582 Meeting Madness

Would it surprise you to learn that someone has started a George Sodini marksmanship scholarship fund? George is the guy who waltzed into a Pittsburgh area aerobics class and shot the place up. He killed several women and wounded several others before killing himself.

Way to go, Georgie. Save us a lot of time, effort and energy and showed us how to disrupt a meeting.

The only difference between Sodini and the roving bands of drunk-on-conspiracy theory nut jobs who are preventing others' free expression at meetings on health care and other topics is they don't carry guns.


But if they continue on their present path, the next thing we're going to see is someone from the Sodini school of meeting disruption whip out a 9mm and start firing. The difference today is only one of degree. The difference tomorrow? These people get fired up enough and they'll start firing.

You don't like proposed changes in health care? You've read the various bills (those of you who can actually read?) You disagree with what's in it? You stand at public comment time and you say your piece. Peacefully.

Are these demonstrators paid workers? Probably not. that's the shame of it. You could understand in today's economic climate that they need to make a buck, like their soul mates in Iraq and Afghanistan who go around killing people for the "cause," while actually just trying to make a living.

Their intellectual leadership, of course, IS paid. You get people stirring up the crowds in behalf of the people who stand to lose most when "Obamacare" becomes law. But the foot soldiers are true believers, and that's more dangerous than mercenaries. They're on a crusade as mindless as there has ever been.

So Sodini brought actual and instant mayhem to a gym class full of women, representing to him all the women (including, probably, his own mother,) who rejected him. The meeting disruptors are like a time release aspirin. Their mayhem takes time. But so far it's working.

And we can't let that continue.

The only way to get rid of this kind of demonstration is to outnumber the demonstrators. And until and unless that happens, they will continue and probably will continue to grow in number and in force.

And who benefits? The insurance companies, for one. With no government competition, they're primed to continue romping all over us and looting the collective treasury.

If you look at these disruptions you see people who are mostly of Medicare age or Medicaid disposition. They seem not to realize they're already on the dole they don't want you on.

Maybe we need our own Sodinis.

Anyone have an application form for that scholarship?

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