Friday, August 14, 2009

585 We Want Our America Back?

585 We Want Our America Back?

This is the catcall we hear from the people who travel around from town to town like tinkers and highway robbers and snake oil salesmen and circuit riding preachers who think they're still living or ought to be living in the mid to late 1700s.

Just what America do they want back? The America with only 13 states and endless land and unlimited resources? The America where women couldn't vote? African slaves? A life expectancy 30% lower than it is now? Is this the America they want back? If so, let them have it -- just not here.

These cockroaches who infest the town hall meetings, trying to infect us with their disease of shrieking, their, shrill shilling for insurance companies and for what remains of the Republican Party and who get off their brightly painted luxury tour buses depositing larvae or eggs or whatever it is this kind of insect deposits are the real air pollution. It is their hot air and the germs they carry that are killing the country, if not the planet.

When the damage is done -- and it's always done -- they get back on the buses and head for the next town. They're the same people who opposed busing for desegregation, but they're perfectly happy to bus themselves, especially when they're not paying for the ride.

Some of them are home grown. How many? How dedicated? Hard to tell.

"We want America back!"

What America? The one where the President is a drunk? Or a crook? These insects and circuit preachers will trade a drunk or a crook for (shudder!) a black man any day.

Do these people really believe the dreamworld America they say they lust for actually existed?

Do they really believe the president is a Kenyan Communist out to destroy the country (the white part of the country, really.)

Do they really believe an ivy educated legal scholar, judge and now a Supreme Court Justice who happens to be a Latina will bend the law any more than the others in that job have done and will continue to do?

Do they really believe unions, now a shadow of their prime time selves can "rule" the workforce?

Or are they just having fun as luxury bus riding cockroaches.

- Saucer-y update after reading a seemingly scholarly book about pilots who've spotted UFOs. The space pilots must be pretty smart, rarely if ever going nearLaGuardia or LAX and confining their antics to mostly rural locales. You'd stay away from New York, Chicago, Washington, Miami and Southern California, too.

--Let's hear it for Larry Langford, mayor of Birmingham, Alabama who pardoned thousands of civil rights demonstrators for acts committed in the 1960s, even though those still living likely will reject his largess. Badges of honor, those convictions. Maybe he should pardon the wielders of fire hoses and the dogs, too.

--Kennedys in the news: RIP, Eunice Shriver, dead at 88. Unfortunately we also will soon be saying that about brother Ted, now with a Presidential Medal of Freedom in hand.

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