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1183 Operation Flush the Johns

1183 Operation Flush the Johns

(Note:  adult content follows.  Reader discretion is advised.)

(MINEOLA, NY) -- Nassau County New York is a big bowl of stupid, and near bankrupt.  And they keep doing things that prove it.  The latest is a police sting called Operation Flush the Johns.

One hundred some men have their names, ages and towns put on a public list. Pictures, too. They are said to have offered undercover cops sums ranging from $50 to $100 for sex.  That bargain basement price range should have been the tipoff.

Okay. Prostitution is illegal.  But it is the world’s second oldest profession, right after gossip mongering which we now call journalism.  So if police fall over a massage parlor on their way from Dunkin’ to OTB sure, arrest the women, the men, the madam and probably the landlord.

Wasting money is the official Nassau County pastime.  You need look no further than the numbers of uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters and in laws either on the payroll or with county contracts.

You need look no further than the roster of cops who are paid over 100-grand. Or the way the crime lab was run.  Or the jail.

You need look no further than the disastrous handling of the New York Islanders desire to rebuild its home arena.  That dragged on so long, the team decided to pack up and leave.

Officials in Nassau tend to think of their jobs as if the titles ended in the phrase “-for-life.”  The current district attorney, Kathleen Rice has served a mere eight years, which is a pittance by community standards. But she’s running for another four this fall.  Her predecessor, Denis Dillon was in office for 30 years.  An earlier D.A., William Cahn, was in office for 12 years, his final term cut short by a short stay as the guest of the state.

Rice keeps trying to run for higher office and failing.  She has some unusual credentials:  she’s young and single.  And she’s the county’s first woman to hold the office.  Note, credentials, not qualifications.

Nassau’s finances are so bad the state seized control.  And they’re spending how much money collecting men who visit hookers? Count on all the “suspects” walking out the back door of the courthouse soon after they walk in the front.

How big a deal is this?  Well, DA Rice says it will help reduce trafficking in women.  Oh.

So, operation Flush the Johns gets a big splash in the papers (how do they think up those “operation” names.  Are we supposed to take something called “flush the johns” seriously?)

And a few weeks from now, all will be forgotten.  Except by the families of the men whose names are all over the papers.

The youngest among the accused is 17.  A guy that young in a spot like that is worthy of your pity, not your scorn.  The oldest is 79.  More power to him.


--Gov. Christie of NJ has managed to make everyone -- everyone -- angry by announcing October’s special election to replace Frank Lautenberg who died Monday at 89. One of the best reasons for liking Christie even if you don’t like his policies. Doesn’t let any grass grow under his feet either, as if any could.  

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