Wednesday, July 20, 2016

1671 A Magnet and a Melting Pot

It’s true.  One bad apple can spoil the whole barrel.  It’s also true that one bad barrel can spoil the whole crop.  What happens when the entire crop is destroyed?  You burn it.  And sometimes you have to fell the trees too.

All of which brings us to gun ownership.  You may think that’s a stretch, but it isn’t.  We certainly have the one spoiled item in the barrel.  We pretty much have enough spoiled barrels to end a lot of lives. Do we have to burn the crop?

No, not really.  But we do have to do is stop fooling around.  When a constitutional right -- like gun ownership -- imperils other rights, it’s time to rethink things.

All constitutional rights come with restrictions, even gun ownership.  The “right to bear arms” does not include missile launchers of any size. No one will sell you an F-18 jet fighter, an aircraft carrier or a torpedo for your recreational submarine.

Maybe we should restrict private ownership to small caliber handguns and rifles or shotguns that fire one missilette at a time.

As a public service, the Wessays™ Secret Mountaintop Laboratory has designed a gun collection vehicle.  More properly, it’s a  modified version of a standard garbage truck with a high powered electromagnet in front and a blast furnace in back.

It’s to use thus:

Stop in front of the house of guns and turn on the magnet.  The guns will come flying out of the house.  Sort the findings.  .22s and such? Consider them catch and release.  

Larger weaponry goes right into the cauldron. Melts on the spot.  When it cools, the charred wood of stocks and decorations can be filtered out and the metal recycled.

Now don’t get your teflon- coateds in a twist, boys.  This post is tongue in cheek.  Sort of.

A Facebook friend recently posted that around 85 “...million gun owners killed no one yesterday.” So we can assume about 26% of Americans own guns.  That’s a lot of people.  Maybe they should busy themselves ferreting out the rotten apples.

If not, there’s always a magnet and a melting pot.
Today’s Quote: “(Donald Trump) didn’t write a postcard for us.” -- Former Random House executive Howard Kaminsky who oversaw publication of “The Art of the Deal” and was quoted in the New Yorker Magazine article about Tony Schwartz, who ghost wrote the book and now regrets it.

--The Little Local Bank was pretty good until the Medium Regional Bank took it over a few years ago. Now it’s been taken over by the Extra Large Regional Bank which seems ready to act too big to fail. The search is on for the right credit union.

--Former President Carter has quit the Southern Baptist Church after 60 years because he says it demeans women.  While in office Carter may have been one of America’s five worst presidents. But since his term ended, he’s redeemed himself with every word and deed except one, backing the wrong side in the palestinian war of aggression.

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