Friday, July 01, 2016

1663 Goodbye Nancy Grace

Longing for November.  That’s because the contract between Turner Broadcasting and America’s Most Obnoxious TV performer ends in October.

Nancy Grace, the shrieking shrew of two professions already overloaded with those character flaws will be leaving HLN which is CNN’s third rate television “news” service… something between In Touch Magazine and the Midnight Globe supermarket tabloid.

Nancy has a law degree.  And not just a puny juris (doctorali imaginarium) doctor, but an LL. M, which is a “masters of law,” something lawyers study for when they feel there aren’t enough letters after their names.

She’s been with various Turner networks for about a dozen years.  There she’s used to hysterically try and convict such luminaries as Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias.

The Anthony jury failed to hear Nancy’s instructions and thus wrongly acquitted Anthony of murdering her toddler.  Arias’ jury convicted.  That means Judge Nancy batted .500 in two of the bigger cases she tried sans court, an admirable record.
Grace never met a guest she couldn’t cut off or talk over.  Out shouting an invited bloviator is one of TV’s big no-nos. She turned it into a high art.  Well, maybe a low art.

So, she had the best of two worlds, a legal career that didn’t depend on serving actual clients or a prosecutor’s office and TV where her co-stars flared ever less brightly than she.

Let’s stop a minute and consider those law degrees.  A juris doctor is more like a second bachelor’s degree. It is tough.  But it’s nothing like a real doctorate, say an MD, DO, PhD or even the marginal EdD.  Only lawyers and evangelists would call an undergraduate degree a “doctorate.”

Nancy is within kissing distance of 60 and we’re not sure that her departure is voluntary.  But lately, she’s been popping up on ABC which is desperate to capture or recapture ratings from the newly invigorated CBS and NBC in mornings and evenings.

Has that helped?  Probably not.  Viewers of major networks are less likely to buy the National Enquirer than, say, Time or Forbes.  But ABC will figure that out soon enough.

Nancy Grace is the most inappropriately named public figure since Donald Trump started calling himself a multi billionaire.  There is no grace or gracefulness about her.  She is a loud mouthed, cranky, southern belle with a shrill delivery.  She and her handlers confuse omniscience or omnipotence with obnoxiousness.  Apparently they don’t give English vocabulary lessons in Juris Doctor school.

Grace is the kind of person that makes you want to take a shower after a minute in her presence.  But she may hold the record for performers who incite violence against television receivers.

She is the gold standard of awful.  Fortunately, that kind of gold just had a meltdown.

Today’s Quote: “It’s not perfect.” -- Tesla Automobiles describing its “autopilot” driver assist feature after a driver using it died in an encounter with a tractor trailer truck in Florida.

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