Monday, September 12, 2016

1693 There's Something About Hillary

Hillary Clinton has pneumonia. Add that to the list of things we hate her for.

Lucky break for the Clinton bashers. After all, the gas tank of other fake scandals is down to fumes.  When was the last time you even heard the word “Benghazi” in a hit piece?  How quickly we forget!

Whitewater, the Clinton Foundation, the emails, Vince Foster’s death, Hillarycare, the White House Travel Office… each has lost its luster.

But because it’s wrapped in medical speak, this opens a whole new kind of attack.  Instead of the nefarious doings of a money hungry former federal employee, the right wing can trot out torment wrapped in sympathy.

By the time you read this, some doctor in the pay of some PAC will have pontificated from your TV set that “Pneumonia is a dangerous affliction” and that for her own good, Mrs. Clinton should withdraw from the presidential campaign.

It isn’t. She shouldn’t.

Some tenured professor of “political science” will come next to say “It’s impossible for someone with this condition to maintain the pace required by a modern US president.”

Some right wing talking head will follow with “liberalism causes physical illness because of tension over stealing money from job creators and knowing ‘in her heart’ that she is wrong about… about everything.”

(Why is it that right wingers “know” with their hearts instead of their rational thoughts?) (That’s a rhetorical question.)

FDR served while his body was ravaged by the aftereffects of a crippling disease.

Eisenhower served with a heart that in today’s world would have put him on a transplant list. And he probably had IBD, inflammatory bowel disease.

Kennedy also had IBD and served with a back bad enough to put most of us in a wheelchair.

Nixon served while being treated for phlebitis.

Reagan served with the symptoms of early stage Alzheimer’s and the shock of a bullet wound.

George H.W. Bush served with Graves disease.

We worried.  But there was no thought of turning these men out of office -- at least not for health reasons.

But there’s something about Hillary that makes her illness further fodder for the tornado- like pounding she’s been subjected to throughout her public life.

Only in America do we elevate major felons into legends and heroes.  Capone, Gotti, Billy the Kid, Bernie Goetz each gets a pass while a slightly shady political character is maligned by the hour.

But there’s something about Hillary.

-If elected, Clinton will probably be a so-so president, of which we have had many… but the world won’t end.

-If she’s not elected, fasten your seatbelts and turn your assets into tangibles.

-If Clinton loses the popular vote but wins the election how will Republicans spin that while ignoring Bush v. Gore?

-This post is thinking about endorsing Rockford the Pitbull for president because he’s cuter than Clinton and smarter than Trump.

-Alternatively, does anyone have Pogo’s phone number or email address?

I’m Wes Richards.  My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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