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988 Now Who's the Roundheel?

988 Now Who’s the Roundheel?  

First, an apology to Rushbo the clown of radio fame.  And it’s offered freely and voluntarily and without pressure from employers (there are none,) sponsors (there are none) and affiliates who threaten to drop this blog (there are none.)

Sincere and heartfelt apologies for calling you a radio clown, considering calling you a recovering or recovered drug addict and thinking about making fun of your erectile dysfunctionality, the number of wives you’ve had over the years and your yo-yo like weight gain and loss.

You have set the tone for this by offering your sincere and heartfelt apologies to Sandra Fluke who tickled your funny bone to the point that you called her a slut, a prostitute and a round-heels because of her … um … position when she testified before an all male congressional panel gathering information with which to torpedo subsidized birth control.

What’s as troubling as the name calling and as doubt provoking your apology is the reaction of some of your major boot lickers, one of which will be the Republican Party’s candidate for President, unless someone qualified comes along.

The candidates’ responses show who’s in charge of the party, a bunch of political sluts, prostitutes and round heels.  They’ve left the republicans without a real leader.  Power abhors a vacuum, and yours is the hot air that fills it.  You are the real puppetmaster, a job usually reserved for people who actually work for a living.  Yes, even some Republicans work for a living, even if the end product is dangerous to life and health.

No one in supposed power read you out for the slut-prostitute thing.  They didn’t want to offend you because you’re going to elect the next President, as you did the present one by skewering the Republican party’s candidate in ‘08, hoping the democrat would win -- which he did -- and screw up, which he did.

“Not the choice of words I would have used...”  “An entertainer, don’t take him seriously.”  These are the thoughts of the party’s current sorry roster of candidates.  Not one of them stood up and howled as he should have.

Even the creepy Ron Paul, whose libertarian views should have clicked in with something like “keep Limbaugh out of our bedrooms” was relatively silent.  Newt?  No one understands anything he says, anyway.  That’s the smokescreen that makes him seem smart to dummies.  Santorum tried to shrug off what you said, and -- as usual -- bungled it.  Romney tried to weasel out of it.  No one wants to offend you, Rushbo, or get on your bad side.

And that’s dangerous, even for a bunch of political sluts, prostitutes and roundheels, which is what they are.


-- (STATE COLLEGE PA) -- It’s spring break time here in God’s Chosen Capital of Education.  That means the scenery is less attractive.  But it also means you can get a parking space downtown and a table at a restaurant without waiting.

-- (NEW YORK) -- Car wash workers are trying to organize a union, saying they make less than minimum wage and are cheated on overtime.  You can tell there’s something to their beefs when owners respond by saying they treat people well and pay them fairly.  And then, they won’t give their names.

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