Friday, March 23, 2012

995 Efficiency

995 Efficiency

There’s nothing like a little immobility to make you more efficient.  What?  Yes.  Think about it.  You’ll realize you’re doing much less moving around but probably getting as much done.

If every step hurts, you’ll figure out how to take fewer steps.

Example:  Turning down the bed, a queen or a king, something that can take half a dozen trips around the mattress.  You have to fold back a comforter and then blankets and a sheet after removing the decorative pillows. (Aphorism: if you have decorative pillows on your bed you’re either married or gay.)  Instead of stacking the pillows in the corner or putting them on the chair -- that requires at least one unnecessary walk-around -- push them off the bed.  Fold down half the comforter.  Walk to the other side, turn down the rest of the comforter, then stack the pillows.  Saves you one trip.

Example: When checking out of the supermarket, put all the cold stuff in one bag and when you get home, plunk that bag down right in front of the refrigerator.

Example: finish the wash and put it all in the dryer.  Don’t bother sorting or hanging unless the hanging rack is close at hand.

Think of the discomfort you’ll avoid if you really think about your moment to moment movements over the course of a day.

This, of course, won’t help those of us who are habitual pacers.  But somehow, pacing the floor doesn’t provoke the same kind of nerve bending, Advil craving pain you get while having to walk a lot and accomplish something at the same time.  A mystery.

--Associated Press CEO Tom Curley is retiring next July and will be replaced by Gary Pruitt, now chief of the newspaper company McClatchy, publisher of the Miami Herald and other dailies, large and small.  While Curley first seemed a bad choice in bad times, he rode the horse reasonably well in retrospect, considering how important a post his is and how dependent the rest of the world of news is on it.  Pruitt has done some good journalism and reasonably good corporate stuff at McClatchy, one of the few publishers that still takes news seriously.

--Whitney Houston, high on coke, accidentally drowned in her bathtub?  That’s what they’re saying.  How long before the conspiracy theorists get hold of this and start talking about the evil cabal that filled the tub for her then filled her nostrils with nose candy?

--You have to hand it to the Cook Islands in the south Pacific for ingenuity, and not just because they’re a tourist magnet.  They issue a lot of gold coins which look like legal tender, but they use the New Zealand dollar for commerce.  The gold coins, commemorating anything and everything from Koalas to the Titanic are meant for and sold pretty much exclusively to collectors and somehow that seems inauthentic.  

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