Wednesday, August 24, 2016

1685 Falling Starr

1685 Falling Starr

It’s unsportsmanlike to kick a man when he’s down. But there are exceptions, and former “independent” counsel Kenneth Starr is among those who need it most.

Starr, the hit man who missed when he aimed at Bill Clinton, has “resigned” from his professorship at Baylor University in Texas.  Law professor was the ledge the school set him upon after first firing him as chancellor.

Starr, the holier than thou appeals court judge and groomer of current Chief Justice Roberts, had trouble finding work when his nasty and contrived effort to force Clinton out of office fell flat. This despite the untiring efforts of child molesting congressional leader Denny Hastert and the entire neocon march on Washington.

Fortunately, there was money changer Richard Mellon Scaife who rewarded Starr for his failings by getting him appointed to a deanship at Pepperdine University. There he was a “life regent” which in edu-speak means a big name with no meaningful function.

Soon after, Starr hit the big time.  He was named chancellor at Baylor. And he shook up the staid old church in college clothing.

Brought in a new football coach, a new multimillion dollar stadium and a cheerleader mentality.  Only there was a problem with the football team.

Some members liked to force women to have sex against their will. Rape, in common parlance.

And some athletic department investigators were about as independent as was Starr during the Clinton years.  They swept it all under the Matrix Turf (similar to Astroturf.)

Someone came along and peeled up some of the fake grass, under which the scandal lived in much the same way as asbestos does in old walls. Starr didn’t have much to say about all this.  A sweeping condemnation would have been right.

Baylor, whose motto is “For Church, For Texas,” quickly demoted the once- vocal Starr to professor of law.  It took awhile, but now they’ve fully burned his breeches.

Baylor has resigned Starr from all remaining connections.

That is to say they allowed him the grace he never afforded a sitting president by pretending to not fire him.

And so ends the career of a smart but nasty, petty, smug man, a head shorter and smaller of mind than Clinton, brought down by what always brings them down, the taste of their own venom, time and karma.

Today’s Quote: “...   …” -- Kenneth Starr’s comment on his “resignation from the esteemed and glorious faculty of the university he once ran.

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--Left turn on red after full stop.
--President Donald Trump.
--President Hillary Clinton.
--Your call is very important to us.
--Clearance 6’4”
--Construction vehicle. Watch for sudden stops and turns.
--Wide load.
--Bridge ices before road.
--As seen on TV.

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