Monday, August 29, 2016

1687 Trump's Butterfly

1687 Trump’s Butterfly

Do you think Trump has ADD or ADHD, Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?  If so, he might sane out with a regular dose of Ritalin or Adderall. No one we know of has offered a formal diagnosis after a thorough examination. But… if it walks like a duck…

It’s not that he has no firm ideology.  It’s that he has every ideology.  He seems to parrot whatever he last heard from one of his many “awesome” and “great guy, the best!” advisers.

Recent news items report casino billionaire and Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson counseled Trump to show some humility.  Immediately thereafter, Trump issued his non-apology apology for stirring up trouble.  And then he went right back to stirring up trouble.

Those of us who acknowledge ADD or ADHD and get easily distracted and quickly bored will be in the middle of a heated discussion which is likely to be punctuated with a completely irrelevant observation.

“The war in Afghanistan is taking a terrible toll on… Oh, look!  A butterfly.”

Lots of people in that camp.  Most of us are not running for President.  

We mocked Reagan for nodding off during cabinet meetings.  But at least when he awakened, he could focus on the subjects at hand. Trump’s interior life must resemble an MTV music video from long ago. You know the type: 90 changes of scene or focus in 60 seconds.  Kind of like most TV commercials now.

Adelson’s advice, if true, was worth heeding.  So was the advice of campaign executives: read the teleprompter.  He did that. Briefly. And then it was right back to his off the cuff scattergun style. The gun was generally pointed at his feet.  And he’s a good shot.


--The term “flip flopping” has come to describe a politician who changes sides on an issue though at first it meant what a fish does on land. If it doesn’t get back into the water, it dies. And so do a lot of political fish.

--Heather Bresch could soon be the new Carly Fiorina. Bresch is the genius CEO who raised the prices of EpiPens through the roof and her own salary from $2.5 million to about $19 million at around the same time.  Her company, Mylan, needs a stiff dose of competition… and the deadline was yesterday.

--Charlie Osgood will step down as host of CBS Sunday Morning next month.  He was a fine replacement for Kuralt. Here’s hoping the next guy keeps up the good work of a long-time competitor at that early Sunday hour, but in this household, we still watch Weekend Today.

-Oh look! A butterfly.

-“Cheese product” is to cheese as bullet product is to bullets… looks the same but isn’t.

-We’re still collecting your responses for the words and phrases that scare you and probably will post the accumulation sometime next week or the week after.

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