Monday, January 02, 2017

1741 Working on the Brain Next

Resolutions out of the way… and mine were the same for 2017 as they were for every previous year:  Resume smoking cigarettes, drink more and gain ten pounds.  Since resolutions are never kept, these make complete sense.

Everyone else is saying what a rotten year 2016 was. And in many ways they were right.  Our country went to hell politically.  Our bank account has been making a concerted effort to follow.

But personally, it wasn’t all bad.  Big and little things went right.  We managed to discard the tainted all natural organic cheese block we bought at the farmer's market before contracting the food poisoning others endured.

The new car, struck unoccupied, was restored to new by good natured and talented men and women at a body shop that neither skimped on parts nor overcharged.

I won a contest. Second time in almost 75 years. (The first was the jar of peanuts, won by making the most accurate guess at their number. The second was a nice guitar awarded for the athletic feat of having someone drawing my name out of a jar that probably can hold a million peanuts.)

Reunited with a few old friends, some of them really old.  Finally got the entire attic and part of the basement cleaned out.  Working on the brain next.

With age, evidently, smaller things become Great Moments.  And sometimes things that don’t happen are better than things that do.

The robocalls have stopped.  A major retailer admitted and took responsibility for a billing error.  So did a major bank.

A powerful new hand vacuum sucked a key out of the computer, but it is a key of infrequent use; of only minimal value.  And the rest of the keyboard is cleaner than when it left the factory.  Working on the brain next.

No one threatened to sue for unauthorized pictures on this site, probably because those of us who gather here are too insignificant to get on the legal radar.

The folks at home taped the MTV awards, so only those who want to see it have to.  Comcast reduced its monthly fee down to leech level.  Chock Full O Nuts increased the size of its 30 ounce coffee can without increasing the price.

Little things mean a lot.
Working on the brain next.
This is not photoshopped.  You ever been at that tower, you know this was no easy prank.

-One hundred years in the making, most of the Second Avenue Subway debuted yesterday and ran on or close to schedule.

-The NYC subway is run by the state’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the MTA.

-The conductor on the first train was Charlie Feliciano, which makes him Charlie on the MTA and no one threw him a sandwich or a Kingston Trio album.

-Anyone out there old enough to get the above?

Today’s Quote:
“The Russians are not our friends.” -- Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Thanks for noticing, Mitch.

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