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1791 Tabloid TV King Walks Plank

Bill Shine on the Unemployment Line.

No, we don’t really expect the poor beleaguered former Fox chief, Bill Shine, to actually drown at the hands of his pirate overlords.  But we also don’t buy that he “sadly” resigned as Tabloidist-in-Chief Rupert Murdoch put it in a memo that “somehow” leaked. If there’s anyone who knows how to bend a story it’s Murdoch and here’s how he put it in the memo:

“Sadly, Bill Shine resigned today. I know Bill was respected and liked by everybody at Fox news. We will all miss him...”

No one since Vito Corleone can administer the kiss of death with greater grace and sincerity than Rupert Murdoch.

What he’s really sorry about is that his TV money factory is running out of ink and needs an overhaul.

First Roger Frogman Ailes, the news division chairman was “allowed” to “resign.”  Why?  Because he was a sexual predator (sound of cash register ringing at gunpoint.)

Then their star attraction, Bill O’Reilly, “decided” not to return from a “long scheduled vacation.” (Sound of coins exiting a slot machine.)

The deflating of the on air windbags probably will continue and among them is likely to be another Prince Charming, Sean Hannity, who was not but probably should have been paid as honorary chairman of the Trump presidential campaign.

Megyn Kelly hightailed it down the street to NBC, where her bloated paycheck at penny- pinching Con-Cast looks to be costing some other reporters their jobs.

Others have left Fox with less publicity.  People in personnel, in the business office.  People whose faces you never saw and whose names you never heard.

It’s hard to believe Rupert was moved to tears.  It’s easy to believe he greased the skids and that Shine left with enough money to avoid applying for food stamps at least for the time being.

So the merry pirate Murdoch and his sons still are shuffling the deck.  Maybe it’s more like shuffling people off the deck, and making them walk the plank.

Press reports say Shine was Roger Ailes’ enabler. Ailes was fired for sexual misconduct… or attempted sexual misconduct.  And those reports say the handsome and dashing Shine was the stalking horse working for the Buddha shaped Ailes. Not all that much of a stretch.

Progress among the cavemen?  Probably not as much as trying to meet British regulators and their “fit and proper test” which Fox must pass to take full possession of England’s Sky News TV service.

-“Great President. Most people don’t even know he was a Republican, right? Does anyone know? Lot of people don’t know that.” --D. Trump talking about Abraham Lincoln at a Congressional Republican fundraiser.

--Now that the shallow end of the Supreme Court pool has been fully restocked let’s remember that what it won’t hear often is as important as what it does. In turning away a recent case, the court effectively told General Motors it does have to pay victims of defective ignition switches it installed before bankruptcy.  The Supremes declined to hear arguments, thus upholding a lower court ruling.

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