Friday, May 12, 2017

1795 The G Man Goeth

FBI’s Least Wanted Photo                           Hoover would have known what to do.

In his race to devalue everything American, so-called President Trump has fired the head of the FBI, Jim Comey who had it coming back before the election, but not since.

This dismissal makes all the sense as the scorpion that kills the frog in the middle of the river causing both to die.

Comey won the election for Trump by quacking in public about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails mere hours before the election, assuring a Clinton loss and a Trump win.  (Okay, sort of win on a technicality, but  he’s been inaugurated so it doesn’t matter.  Yet.)

Two reports about all this are chilling to say the least: The first from the New York Times says Sessions and Trump met about the firing a day or two before it happened.  The other, originally from McClatchy’s Washington Bureau, said Comey had asked for extra funds to investigate any possible connection between Trump and Russia.

Sessions had to know that when he “recommended” the firing.  Recall that he’d said he would recuse himself from any such investigation.  This is not that, except Sessions is a marionette and wouldn’t have “recommended” the firing if the right string in his head had been pulled.

In any event, bipartisan pressure is building for a congressional investigation.  Either house can start one on its own.  If one does, the other will too so as not to be one-upped.

So, how was the dismissal handled in the following day’s news conference?  Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders wants you to know that none of this has anything to do with Russia.  Wessays™ running commentary posted elsewhere at the time went thus:

 If this woman is not an imbecile, she certainly knows how to play one on TV. What is she talking about? This came from the top.

"Jeff, get someone to write a bill of particulars about Comey so we can ax him."

"Yes sir, Mr. President.

Hey, you, the old guy... send a memo that details Comey's 'atrocities' ... like Hillary and other stuff. Make it as long as you can."

"Yes Sir Mr. Atty Gen."

So Old Guy Who's Been in the Justice Dept for more than 30 years follows orders which is how you get to work in the Justice Department for more than 30 years. Sessions says "OMG, Y'all. This Comey's gotta go!" He writes to Trump.

Trump says OMG youse guys, this guy's got to go. Sends Comey a letter and the deed's done. And they didn't have the decency to tell him, but he heard about it on KNX Radio.  Before he got the letter.

Then, a funny thing happened at the meeting yesterday of the Senate Intelligence committee.  The acting director was testifying and there’s no doubt it makes the White House squirm.

Andrew McCabe told the senators that the investigation into the Trump/Russia connection would continue apace.  And he disagreed with a White House assessment that the agents on the ground had lost confidence in Comey.  

In any event, J. Edgar would not have asked the White House for money to investigate the White House.  He'd find water in his budget he could squeeze from other programs, conduct the investigation and then get warrants and then indictments. Comey is a sensitive man of the 21st century and asks permission where none is required.

Note to the President: This is not “The Apprentice,” You can’t fire them all.

“This is Nixonian.” -- United States Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) likening Comey’s firing to Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre” in which special prosecutor Archibald Cox, investigating the Watergate coverup was fired in October, 1973.

--In “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” the grandfather character is forever demonstrating how everything important goes back to the ancient Greeks. In Soviet Russia, they claimed everything from the Polaroid camera to cupcakes was invented in the USSR. Now there’s Trump “inventing” priming the pump, to the amazement of everyone who has used the phrase for decades, everyone who knew that Lincoln was a Republican and everyone who knew health insurance was complicated.

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