Friday, September 17, 2010

758 Political Short Takes

758 Political Short Takes

Some thoughts on the primary of 9/14/10:

CHARLIE RANGEL: wins. No big surprise. But it's a resounding confirmation of what he's done for (not to) the district all these decades. Adam Powell-the-umpteenth was a distant second. The people of Harlem have spoken and Charlie'll be back for another term, but his percentage this time was only about 51%, lower than usual. What they do to him in the house is anybody's guess, but they're not going to make his life easy. Is there an actual election here? Yes, of course. But c'mon, man, it's the 15th district.

RICK "Loser" LAZIO: This guy keeps coming up like an acid reflux stomach ache after pepperoni eating contest. The guy hasn't won anything on his own since 1998. If Steve Levy/Leave-Stevie had stayed in it might have been a horse race, but still with lousy odds and a small handle.

CARL "I Am Not A Racist" PALADINO: wins the Republican nomination for NY Governor. He'll probably win majorities in the boonies, but with any luck he'll lose overall to Andy Cuomo. Nothing like a tea bagger with a big mouth to unite the Democrats. Kind of like Joe Biden, except not funny. New York has had more than its share of great governors. A few of them have even been Republicans. Nelson Rockefeller and Theodore Roosevelt come to mind. If somehow elected, Pally is not going to be one of them.

KARL "Rasputin" ROVE: got his comeuppance even though he wasn't running for anything. But he didn't get it in a way that'll wreck his career or his fame-for-being-well-known. The comeuppance was from...

CHRISTINE "Don't Jerk Off" O'Donnell who won the Republican nod to run for governor of Delaware and who called Rove's efforts to elect MIKE CASTLE "Republican cannibalism." Isn't putting Mommy on the campaign payroll also cannibalizing? O'Donnell is a tea bagger. Maybe she and PALADINO will run away together after loosing their general elections, get a motel room and not have sex.

CAROLYN MALONEY: waltzed to victory over Wall Street tool and good looking babe Reshma Saujani 80% to 20.

CAROLYN MCCARTHY: No longer an amateur or beginner, she was unopposed for the Democratic nomination to succeed herself.

PETER KING: Long Island Republican congressman with a big mouth and who has been described by people in the know as "bigger than the party," won 91% of the vote over a nobody. Only an imbecile would challenge King in a primary. Probably true in the general election, also.

BARACK OBAMA: Come out, come out wherever you are!

THE REPUBLICAN PARTY: Is gleefully committing suicide. Their Dr. Kevorkians are people like Newt and Sarah and the radio and television talk hosts, and it's all completely legal. JEFFREY FIEGER ... they don't need you. Kinda like the voters of Michigan.

THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Looks like Marilyn Monroe compared with the Republicans' Ugly Betty. But beneath the surface, they have troubles of their own. Reid, Pelosi, and similar blunderers.

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: How did we sink this low?

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