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959 WestraDamus 2011

959 WestraDamus 2011
       This duplicates what was posted on the website on 12/29/11.  If you have seen that, then you have seen this.

With 2012 upon us, we offer the 23rd anniversary edition of the WestraDamus predictions, presented each December or January for the year gone by and generally wrong. 'Damus started as a parody of the forward looking Astrological year-enders appearing in the supermarket tabloids, almost always wrong and never acknowledged as such. But the Non-Prophet has grown into an American institution, like the Smithsonian, the Jerry Lewis Telethon, concealed handguns, the Kardashians and the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.  And so, we continue...

This year, we are under the most intense pressure ever.  Another non-prophet has crept upon the scene and made a false prediction so outrageous as to make us look absolutely sane.  The end of the world, originally scheduled first for May and then for October of 2011 will not happen.  Shows you gotta stick with the original, WestraDamus!

Among the big things set to happen last year is the resignation of President McCain who said he wants to spend more time with his family and pursue other interests.  Chief Justice Thomas is to swear in Vice President Palin who says she doesn’t plan to run for election.

The political movement Occupy Main Street will gain momentum after a slow start at midyear.  The Conservative-backed protests have spread to many of the nation’s more prosperous suburbs from its beginnings in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Occupy Great Neck, Occupy Woodmere, Occupy Palo Alto, Occupy Scarsdale, Occupy Greenwich have all attracted members of the nation’s richest one percent.  Many camp out by putting their tour buses and recreational vehicles in public parking lots.  Police in all these towns say “as long as they’re not breaking any laws, we’re not going to try to stop them from exercising their first amendment rights.”  Demonstrators and Protesters carry signs with slogans like “After all we’ve done for you!” and “Lower Taxes, make jobs.”

In Orlando, homemaker Casey Anthony will become the first Florida death row inmate executed in ages after she was charged and convicted of killing her toddler daughter.  Anthony was arrested at her neighborhood church where police found her conducting a meeting of the Christmas Cookie Club, which she has chaired for the past two years.

Michael Jackson’s Doctor, Conrad “Needles” Murray will face murder charges, but will walk.  

And late in the year, an obscure former assistant football coach in an obscure northeastern town will be honored for decades of dedicated charity work with young boys, but will decline the honor, saying he was only “doing the right thing.”

Now, the Month-By-Month in Non-Prophecy

A giant tornado will deposit thousands of dead birds on Arkansas.  Former Governor Mike Huckster will declare it God’s way of providing food for hungry Arkansans.  He’ll say “See, the Lord has provided and even started food prep!”

A similar story will take place in Russia, where hundreds of people are stuck on boats trapped in the ice.  Officials say this will provide freeze dried nutrition for the people starving in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

China will halt production of the Black Eagle jet fighter because lead paint in the fuselage will harm people on the ground when the planes crash.

Egyptian dissidents will descend on the royal palace in an effort to de-throne King Farouk.

The rock band White Stripes will announce it is breaking up.  The general reaction will be “who?”

Japan will deny that Sumo wrestling matches are fixed.  Hulk Hogan will be unavailable for comment because he’s on location filming ads for Rent-A-Center.

Somali pirates will grant political asylum to Egypt’s King Farouk in return for a king’s ransom, but the Bank of Egypt will have frozen his accounts.

Congress will pass legislation opposing the imposition of a leap-day, Feb. 29, 2012.  Republican leaders will laud “one day less of taxation.”  Democratic leaders will laud “the end of a pernicious special interest.”

ATT will offer to buy T-Mobil as part of its plan to make every call in America drop.

The US will impose a no-fly zone over every airport that connects with any major place.

The federal government will shut down because of congress’ inability to agree on a budget.  But certain important agencies will be spared and keep running:  the IRS, the Supreme Court, and the FHA.

A giant earthquake will devastate parts of Japan, but Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, Subaru, Sony, Panasonic and Toshiba will be spared.

Saudi diplomat Osama Bin Ladin will be assassinated while vacationing at his summer villa in Pakistan.  Members of his social club, Al-Qaeda, will claim it is part of a worldwide movement to abolish the Muslim faith.  Lexicographers will say he deserved to die because he refused to put “u” after “Q.”  And conspiracy theorists will speculate that Bin Ladin’s murder was similar to Apollo 11’s moon landing... faked.

The entire state of Iowa will be washed away in a flood.  Authorities will quickly try to restore the area in time for the caucuses scheduled for the first week in January, 2012, but subject to reschedule for some time in 2009, to maintain their status as “earliest.”

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney declares he will not run for president, choosing instead to return to the world of venture capital where he can help more people escape from jobs.

Greece will seek Chapter 11 protection from creditors, becoming the first member of the European Union to declare bankruptcy.

Hurricane Irene will cause mass transit systems up and down the east coast to shut down, bringing heaps of praise to government leaders in the area for showing foresight in protecting residents by having emergency plans in place and using them.

Agencies threaten to lower the credit rating on US debt, but later relent and say “it was only a joke, folks.”

One of the Republican candidates for the party’s presidential nomination, Herman Cain, will promise free pizza to every American if he wins.  He’s joined on the platform for the announcement by his wife and two lovers.

The Homeland Security Dept.  will announce it has foiled a 9/11 terrorist attack on Parsippany, NJ by a cell of freedom fighters from Luxembourg.  

The Palestinian Authority will request UN membership, causing a walkout by delegations from Taiwan, Kosovo, Vatican City, and the Confederate States of America.

Greece’s Bankruptcy will end months of labor unrest.  Qaddafi of Libya will resign to take a job with the World Bank, but only after writing a long letter to his fellow African, Herman Cain, briefly explaining his country’s 24-hundred year history.

An earthquake in Turkey will also hit Turkish Cypress, but leave the Greek part untouched because Greece already has enough problems.

Occupy Main Street Protesters, reacting to the onset of winter-like weather, will take their demonstrations indoors, renting the otherwise useless Madison Square Garden for three months.  Eight protesters will be arrested for illegally parking their RVs at Penn Station.  The owners of two BMWs and a Bentley will see this and move their cars to a paid lot during the arrests.

As expected, Christmas will take place on December 25th again this year despite efforts to move it to the nearest Monday.

Your spouse and your lover will become involved in a fender bender, realize they love each other and sail off into the sunset together.

A Brooklyn judge will release an arrested crackhead wanted for a North Carolina shooting, only to see him later re-arrested and charged with the murder of an NYPD cop.  Mayor Bloomberg will go ballistic and people will support him because of the fine job he did in August’s devastating hurricane and besides, it will not have snowed yet this winter.

Israel’s stealth takeover of North Korea will become public knowledge when it is disclosed that founding president Kim Il Sung was Jewish and had changed his name from Sammy Kimmel in the late 1940s.

For some time now, WestraDamus has been predicting that Sears/K-Mart would be closing stores and selling off real estate.  Late in December, that became a reality.  Our apologies for being right.


The US unemployment rate for the year will even out at about four percent, matching the inflation rate... the Dow Jones Industrial Average will top out at 5867.56, led by tech stocks and manufacturing... a shortage of toilet paper will cause the sales of handi-wipes and large size post-it notes to skyrocket... The FDA will define “organic” as anything edible and everything else as inorganic... Anti abortion activists will campaign for an end to prohibition, believing even a small constitutional victory will encourage contributions...

I’m WestraDamus, the Non-prophet.  My opinions are my own but you're welcome to them.®
©WJR 2011
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

958 Art Imitates Art

958 Art Imitates Art
I. Is this what they mean by “playbook?”

Have you heard of the video game, “Hitman”?  It’s been around a long time.  It pits a seemingly invincible secret agent/hired killer against a slew and a half of enemies.  They battle each other on TV or computer screens, getting into armed conflict using such things as guns, knives and ordinary household items with super powers.

Typical game: violent, brilliant animation, no visible connection to reality.

Now, comes the book, “Hitman --Enemy Within” terribly written by Terrible Writer William C. Dietz, of whom you’ve probably never heard and with good reason.

The book follows the action you’d normally see on the game console except there are no elements of either skill or luck.  Reading the book is like watching others play the game only quieter.

But like the game, the book is filled with unrealistic violence, unrealistic characters, an unrealistic plot and no theme.

A book based on a video game.  Three hundred- plus pages of phantasmagorical gore. For the one out of 14 gamers who can actually read.

If you don’t consider video games an art form, you haven’t seen enough video games.  But how about fashion design?  Specifically shoe design.

Nike is out with a new retro version of the “Air Jordan” sneaker, kind of an imitation of its own original.  When they introduced it last week, shoppers lined up to plunk down $180 a pair.  In some cases -- Seattle, Atlanta, Jersey City, they plunked down each to secure their places on line.  Police used pepper spray.  No one was killed.  But there were several injuries in each city.

So not only are the cops imitating the performance art they perfected at the 1968 Democratic national convention in Chicago and various “Occupy” demonstrations more recently, but the accommodating civilians are re-creating their own performance art. And What Would Michael Say?

III. Insurance Ads
Then there are those cutsie insurance ads.  Advertising always has been a copycat industry, but now we’re inundated with Gecko wannabes.

GEICO’s computer-generated cartoon gecko is part of a large arsenal of cutsie commercial weapons the company fields.  There also are ads featuring cave men in business attire and a Rod Serling impersonator played by actor Mike McGlone.

Next to climb on this bandwagon was Allstate.  They, too, realize if you advertise heavily, you need variety.  So they feature benevolent, fatherly tough guy actor Dennis Haysbert of “24” TV fame as their spokesman, with a sprinkling of spots featuring actor Dean Winters playing “Mayhem” and causing crashes.

Progressive has the cartoonish “Flo” the checkout clerk, played by comedienne Stephanie Courtney.  She’s ever present and ever tiring.

State Farm has started using car and home destroying giant robots.

And General Insurance has a midget computer generated army general driving buses and cars and driving you nuts.

I’m Wes Richards.  My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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Monday, December 26, 2011

957 More On Lipitor

957 More On Lipitor

Let’s start with this tidbit from Wessay™ 955:

Lipitor $4 Co-pay:
With the patent expired and generics available, the maker of this drug wants you to buy it through its own mail order pharmacy/partner which won’t let you if you’re on Medicare or a Medicare advantage plan... and this is not clear on the application.

Now we add:

But wait, there’s more!

Lipitor is expensive.  The co-pay is $200 for a three month supply.  So, Pfizer has started advertising the four dollar co-payment plan.  Apply, and maybe get on this cholesterol lowering gravy train (theirs, not yours,) and pay as little for it as you would for the generic now that the patent has expired.

They put you through application hoops, and the last one is “Leave your phone number and we’ll call you back in the next 48 hours” to confirm all the stuff you’ve said.”  And they do.

And then they tell you that Medicare Advantage insurance disqualifies you for this program.  

Final words to the operator:  “If you would make that clear on the application, you wouldn’t be wasting my time and yours.”


Okay, deed done.

But wait!  There’s STILL more.

The next day arrives in the e-mail a downloadable, printable $4 Lipitor discount card.

Okay.  So who’s right, the phone lady or the e-mail?

Let’s call the help line.

The help line is automated.  Really automated.  No human contact.  Okay.  Let’s call the financial aid line.  The financial aid line says “oh, we don’t cover that.  I’ll give you a number where you can call a live operator to ask your question.”

For reference, here it is: 1-877-234-3050. Save it.  You may need it.  It’s unlisted.

First thing happens is the live operator -- sounding like Lily Tomlin’s “Ernestine” starts reading a pitch for Lipitor.

Customer:  “Please stop reading the pitch. I know all that stuff. But I have a question.”
Operator: “...and when you take Lipitor you will...”
C: “Ma’am, please!”
O: Oh.  Okay, what’s your question?
C: “Why was I turned down for a card and then you sent me a card? And who is right, the lady who rejected me or the e-mail?”
O: “Oh, that must have been sent by someone other than us.  A local doctor or pharmacy...”
C: “Ma’am, no local doctor or pharmacy has an e-mail that ends in “”
O: “... must have been sent by a local doctor or …”
C: “Madam, it was sent by Pfizer.  Who is right, the live operator or the e-mail?”
O: “  Uh... the live operator.”
C: “Thank you.  Have a nice day.”

Should bill them for time spent.


--Lynn Samuels has died.  One of the loudest and least predictable progressive radio hosts, she had no problem taking on president Obama along in addition to the right wing army that dominates and imperils this country.  Samuels was 69 and from Woodside, Queens -- which was unmistakable in her sound if not her views.

--Most phone call dialogues on this site end in “CLICK.”  These deserved “SLAM.”  And thanks to William A. Musser for teaching that the satisfying, phone-smashing “SLAM” can’t be heard by the party who is being SLAMmed.

I’m Wes Richards.  My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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Friday, December 23, 2011

956 What Killed Danny Chen?

956 What Killed Danny Chen?

This is the kind of war story that gets lost at a time when the focus is soldiers coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan, surprising their children at school band concerts or on the tarmacs of airports in their home towns.

Danny Chen was a casualty of the war in Afghanistan. He wasn’t the victim of a roadside bomb or a Taliban attack.  He wasn’t the victim of friendly fire or an accident. Eventually the army will figure out whether he put a gun beneath his chin and pulled the trigger or someone else did that for him or to him. He is most certainly dead. But he didn’t kill himself.

They held a funeral in October, in New York’s Chinatown, where Chen lived and his parents live in public housing, and there, read his letters home out loud.

Here’s part of one of them, as quoted by the NBC New York website:
"Feb. 27, 2011: Since I am the only Chinese person here, everyone knows me by Chen” "They ask if I'm from China a few times a day... They also call out my name Chen in a goat-like voice sometimes for no reason."
"People crack jokes about Chinese people all the time. I'm running out of jokes to come back at them."

Pvt. Chen was 19 years old and in a guard tower in Kandahar when the shot rang out.  He was on duty with the 3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team of the 25th Infantry Division.  And now, eight of his fellow American soldiers have been charged in his death.

Would they have been charged without pressure from Chen’s mother,  Su Zhen Chen?  His father?  His neighbors?  

So, now come accusations out of the law books and the Uniform Code of Military Justice:  dereliction of duty.  Telling lies to the MPs.  Assault. Manslaughter.

What was Danny Chen’s crime, something that would provoke the kind of treatment he is said to have received from his fellow soldiers?  Well, he was a Chinese American and that’s a start.  One night he forgot to turn the water heater off after taking his shower.  So others, apparently including some of his superiors, dragged him out of bed and showered him with physical abuse and racial slurs.  Can’t let a switch in the “on” position go unpunished, no way!

But there were other instances in which Chen was singled out, some of them undisclosed as of now. The army is trying to figure out what, if anything, to do and who do it to.

One thing they haven’t done and maybe won’t do is release the soldier’s diary, possibly a careful record of what went on over there.  But they promise a thorough investigation, whatever that means.  Maybe we’ll eventually know if one of the eight charged men pulled the trigger or put Danny in to position to pull it himself.  And maybe we won’t.

But it’s pretty safe to say these are eight guys -- no, make that nine guys -- who shouldn’t have been together, or maybe shouldn’t be in the army at all.

I’m Wes Richards.  My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them.
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

955 Some Very Short Takes

955 Some Very Short Takes:

North Korea:
The new leader will usher in a new era in Pyongyang as soon as his babysitter gives the okay.

Candidates for the Republican presidential nomination:
-Romney is a 14 year old girl.
-Paul is the cranky old neighbor known for "get your dog off my lawn," and who wants to do the 14 year old girl.
-Gingrich is the community college professor who resents that no four-year school would hire him, when he “just knows” he belongs at Harvard.
-Perry is a life size John Wayne action figure, only dumber.
-Huntsman is Rick Perry with a brain which is turned off.
-Little Ricky Sanatorium is Romney after too many diet pills.
-Bachmann is the home-schooling soccer mom driving an SUV with a "baby on board" placard who careens around you to steal the last parking space.

And if Cain were still in the contest:  Mr. Magoo with one of those four hour erections the Viagra ads keep warning about.

Democratic Presidential Candidate:
Will there be one?

Jerry Sandusky:
“I met him once and immediately felt like taking a shower; good thing I didn’t.” --Anonymous.

Speaking of Penn State:
Some students can’t count higher than nine so when you order the ten piece at the local KFC, open the bucket and count before leaving the counter.

Checkout counters:
Why can’t they make them with extra room at the end so the guy who has to carefully fold his receipt and enter his purchase in the checkbook or count the change for the coffee he bought with a $100 bill doesn’t hold up the line?

“I never liked them, anyway.” -- Mahmoud al-Abouzavala bin Salamoudouz, freelance chemist and student pilot, Windsor, Ont.

Piers Morgan:
“I never liked him, anyway.”  -- Larry King.

Jilted under appropriate pressure by suitor at&t, but keeps the dowry and has no plans to stop advertising its 4-G network in jingles that make it sound like they’re singing “orgy network.”

General Electric:
Finally gets its 100 year old wish to fully get out from under Thomas Edison by ending American production of incandescent lightbulbs, decades after ending its production of phonograph records.

The Ed Koch Bridge:
No one ever calls it that and no one ever will and did you expect any different?

Lipitor $4 Co-pay:
With the patent expired and generics available, the maker of this drug wants you to buy it through its own mail order pharmacy/partner which won’t let you if you’re on Medicare or a medicare advantage plan... and this is not clear on the application.

WestraDamus 2012 Update:
Plans to scrap the website have been scrapped and 2011 in Non Prophecy will be available at after all.  Eventually.

Reader Comment:
This from John Gibson of State College, PA.  and refers #954, The Fountains of Russia:

  It is a common misunderstanding that Santa Claus lives at the North Pole of Planet Earth.  In fact he is from the North Pole of Planet Xyurk, in another solar system.  He travels by UFO till he reaches Earth's atmosphere, then switches to sleigh and reindeer for the local travel.
  He also serves 82 quadrillion other solar systems, which makes for a busy night each year.
 It is another error to believe that he is Greek.  Does he look Greek to you?
 Nor is he a Christian saint, as is commonly supposed.  Ever see him visit a church?  He represents a kind of paganism native to his native planet.  It advises being good but otherwise doesn't tell people what to do.

Reader Question:
If there’s a war on Christmas why is there no war on Hanukkah?  Answer:  There can’t be until everyone agrees on one spelling -- then you can go to war.

Holiday Shopping Tip:
It’s December 21st.  If you haven’t finished your gift list yet, you’re beyond help.  The stores are all open from very very early to very very late.  Some are open 24 hours.  Get cracking! If you have finished, congrats.  Don’t forget, the big post-Christmas sales start on 12/26.

I’m Wes Richards.  My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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Monday, December 19, 2011

954 The Fountains of Russia

954 The Fountains of Russia

Ah, Moscow in winter!  The snow on St. Basil’s.  Throngs of holiday shoppers flocking to Gum. Putin and Medvedev ready to switch jobs.  But fountains?  For that you have to move a little to the northeast.  Well, more than a little.

These fountains are under the Arctic Ocean, and apparently there are hundreds of them, where there used to be just a few.  And they are huge.  It’s not easy to make a working fountain when surrounded by water.  So those innovative, crafty Russians use methane.
Can’t wait for the cruise ads.  “Come to the Arctic in Winter... toss coins into the methane fountains.  It’s good luck.”

Um... these fountains are stalking horses (stalking fish?) for climate change.  The Arctic shelf is melting.  Methane spews are a sign of that.  And apparently these lovely plumes throw tons of warm gas into the atmosphere.

The big worry, especially at this time of year, is Santa, his elves and his reindeer. If the area’s melting, what happens to the workshop?

St. Nicholas may be Greek, but look where he moved.  And given the current economic situation in Greece, it’s no surprise he left.  But now what?

Rest assured that he has things under control.  After all, he’s a saint!  And who knows better how to handle crises?

Two things have happened:  First, Santa has outsourced much of his work to China.  You can prove that for yourself by reading the labels of the stuff he puts under your tree this year.

Second, he has established an outpost at the South Pole, which apparently is free of methane fountains, and will re-locate his headquarters there.  Better air, too.

He has dispatched his Chief Deputy Elf to supervise the construction personally.  He also has dispatched several others to establish a flying school for penguins and will hold a worldwide contest to name the 12 or 15 required to pull the sleigh.  (Penguins aren’t as strong as reindeer, so he’ll have more mouths to feed.)

Santa’s workshop and mass transit system will remain intact in a new, larger and less poisonous location.

So while the Arctic may soon be gone, it’ll be business as usual for Christmases to come.  If there are Christmases to come.

(This post is based on information from and an idea first formed and suggested by Carole Mol.)

--As part of the budget deal, the Senate has put off the execution of the most famous resident of death row, the incandescent light bulb.  You’ll now be able to buy them right through October of 2012.  We had some thoughts on that issue in October 2006 and they haven’t changed.

Holiday Shopping Tip:
Give the gift of lightbulbs!  Now’s the time to stock up.  Beat the September, 2012 rush.  They make great presents and the recipients will be ever so grateful. Sixties, 100s, 40s, 25s for the chandelier and the bathroom mirror, soft white, cool white, plain glass, full spectrum.  Any kind will do.  And don’t forget yourself, this holiday season.  

I’m Wes Richards.  My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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Friday, December 16, 2011

953 The Holiday Card

953 The Holiday Card

Sometimes sending a holiday card takes more preparation and thought than buying a car or deciding which college to apply to.

The card in question is going overseas.  The recipient is on in years and though highly intelligent, cultured and literate, though his English is limited.  Also he doesn’t celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday.  So step one is finding a card that conveys a warm wish without a lot of words or that has pictures of decorated pine trees, crosses, Santas, snow- covered churches, and in this particular case, white people.

That’s a lot easier than it used to be in large urban areas.  Not so much in the sticks.  But it’s still possible, especially if you’re paying list price at Hallmark instead of buying the same card in, say, Wal-Mart or the 99-cent store.

Okay, so you have the card.  What about postage?  The Postal Service website can help you there.  First, wade through a dozen pages and find the list of countries.  Then pick the kind of mail you want to use.  In this case, it was “flat envelope with something stiff inside,” which is not the same as a letter of the same dimensions.  The e-z calculator reports this item will go to its destination for $2.47.

Then, what about stamps?  Christmas?  Holiday?  American flag?  Liberty Bell?  If you have current stamps, how many do you need to make $2.47?  The answer is 5.632.  Since the postal service won’t take “.632” that makes six stamps unless you have a supply of one or five cent stamps handy, which most of us don’t. Then it’s eight stamps at minimum.  But you have to put the address on the envelope in two languages, one they can read here and one they can read on the receiving end.  Too many stamps and you can’t fit everything on the envelope. Solution:  take it to the post office, where they have stamps of higher denominations.

Then, there is the return address label.  Use one with Santa’s face?  No.  Too Christmassy. How about one with a puppy’s face?  Nah.  Too cute.  One that advocates a cause?  Inappropriate.  One that gives only one name instead of “The so-and-so family?”  Too impersonal.  Hand written return address wins the contest even though there are 80 varieties of stickers in the drawer.

At the post office, the clerk says “that’ll be 98 cents, sir.”  Wait a minute.  Ninety eight cents?  What happened to $2.47?  “I don’t know what you’re talking about.  This card costs 98 cents to mail.”

That would have meant three stamps and we could have thrown the thing in the outgoing mail and not stood on line half an hour at the post office.

Shrapnel (Fashion Statement Edition):
--Sometimes when you don’t remember what you’re wearing, questions can be startling.  Like when the checker outer at the supermarket asks “are you wearing high heels?”  No, but I was wearing my official "High Heels Hot Flashes" hat and had forgotten.

--People who work very early in the morning and dress in the dark are prone to this:  A black shoe on one foot and a brown on the other.   Gotta get some night vision goggles to solve that one.  Oh, but wait... don’t they make everything look green?

--There are two men’s clothing items tied for the ugliest-possible-garment award.  They are the Polo shirt and the tie.  Good taste can mitigate the effect of the latter.  But the former is irredeemable.

Holiday Shopping Tip:
Pay for gift wrap if the service is available.  The store will do a better job than you will and do it faster.  The nominal fee is worth the expense because when you arrive home with the gifts after a day at the mall, the last thing you’ll want to do is haul out the paper and the tape and the tag and stick-on bows and start fooling with all that stuff when you want to be having dinner and vegging in front of the tube or computer for the evening.  Putting it off until tomorrow doesn’t help.  Tomorrow arrives and you still have to do all that stuff.  Throw a pad of sticky notes in your pocket or purse and use one for each wrapped box to make sure you remember who gets what.

I’m Wes Richards.  My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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© WJR 2011

4744 The Running of the Bull

  Newsday Photo   A bull escaped from a farm in Moriches on New York’s Long Island and has been playing hide and seek ever since.  It’s not ...