Monday, December 05, 2011

948 Cain's Bane

948 Cain’s Bane

It’s taken about a month for Herman Cain to self destruct.  Back then, it was his “blond/blonde” problem.  Now, it’s L’non-affaire Ginger White, the woman Cain called a “good friend,” and to whom he supplied money, and who calls Cain her on and off lover for more than a dozen years.

Cain suspended his campaign after “prayer and soul searching.”  Translation:  once he got home from the current campaign tour, wife Gloria beat the living daylights out of him.

Suspending is not the same as ending, at least legally.  Suspending means he still can raise and spend money and he says he plans to do both.   Ending means he can’t.  But the suspend-idate says he will “soon make an endorsement.”  That kind of sounds like “I quit and I’ll pass along my robots to the robot collection of” one of the other GOP nutcases seeking the party’s presidential nomination.

Meantime, keep those bucks coming in.

Can he use this money in the divorce settlement?  Or will he just find some other deserving woman whose bills he wants to pay?  Or maybe he can pay off some of that credit card debt, or his mortgage or his auto loan.

Cain is no more of a freak than his competitors, just dumber than all of them (except Rick Perry,) only slightly more delusional than they are (except Gingrich) when it comes to estimating the smarts of the average voter and more doctrinaire (except Santorum.)


--(STATE COLLEGE, Pa) -- accused boy-lover Jerry Sandusky is again on the campaign trail giving the New York Times a four hour, two day interview, in which he said more or less the same thing he told Brian Williams’ NBC magazine program: he’s just a poor, misunderstood father figure, not a child molester.  Which proves that even a football guy can swing at and hit softballs.   And that a great investigative newspaper can throw them.

--Anyone else have this problem?  The “Shockwave” multimedia program crashes Google Chrome regularly, requiring you to close the browser and reopen it, and possibly losing unsaved work.  There seems no fix yet, among the pages and pages of “Why don’t you try ‘this:” followed by steps no layman can understand and which, according to feedback, don’t work anyway.

Holiday Shopping Tip:  
Careful of that alleged price cut, it might not be real, even though the “cut” price may still be a bargain. In order to claim an item is “50%” off “regular price,” it has to have been sold at regular price.  Sometimes that “regular price” never makes it all the way from the stockroom to the sales floor at all.  Sometimes it’s regular price for one day and then it’s cut for the rest of the season. Be even more careful of “compare at” or “comparable value.”  Those phrases have more rubber in them than a carton of balloons or all five of your car’s tires.

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