Friday, June 02, 2006

Reverse Commissions

92 Reverse Commissions

This could start a whole new series of reports. Everything’s backward these days. Maybe not everything. But close.

Here are some examples.

Ronald Reagan’s “Peacekeeper Missile.” Yessir, here’s the way we keep the world peaceful: at gunpoint. Hands in the air, boys and girls. No one make a war-like move or we’ll knee-cap you from 10-thousand miles away.

They couldn’t call it the “Warmonger Missile,” because who wants to be a warmonger. Or, more accurately, who wants to admit it?

Now, in mid-2006, we have the “Homeland Security” budget. New York City gets cut about in half because it doesn’t have much worth protecting? Well, with the Trade Center demolished, you could say we have two fewer than before. But that’s not the point.

Omaha, on the other hand, has all kinds of assets that need protection against terrorist attacks.

And they have the nerve to stand up and tell us that it all comes from a computerized statistical model that’s supposed to prove…. What? Garbage in, garbage out. Everything’s backward.

Here’s one theory about the money: Distract the nominally Republican mayor so he doesn’t pose a threat to whomever the Washington establishment wants to succeed the present Frat-Boy-In-Chief. The mayor will be so busy looking for the bucks to shore up the city’s unimportant “icons,” he will not have the energy or the time to run for President.

IF that’s the theory, they don’t know the mayor too well. Everything’s backward.

Here’s one of the best examples of back-assedness:

Look at the chief executives of companies who are paid based on the performance of their stock, who get bonuses when the stock tanks, and super bonuses when its flat and superDUPER bonuses when it rises a tick.

They’re getting commissions on returned goods. Peacekeeper Commissions.

Everything’s backward.

Except you can’t call someone “backward” anymore because it’s offensive.

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