Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Washington Ravenite

97 Ravenite Goes To Washington

“Goombata” is a book co-authored by a long time friend and former cousin by marriage, Ernest Volkman. It is about the people surrounding the then-dapper/then-don John Gotti.

Volkman and co-author John Cummings explain that the word “goombata” is Italian for something like close pals or associates. It is plural.

Somehow, hearing about Karl Rove brings this book and these guys to mind. Cannot explain why, since there are such significant differences between Godfather Gotti and Godfather Rove.

Rove isn’t Italian. He’s not from Brooklyn or even Ozone Park. He’s probably never killed anyone. He probably doesn’t sell drugs, run prostitution or loan sharking rings, run numbers or set off illegal fireworks on July fourth. And his idea of an Italian dinner probably is what they serve at Pizza Hut.

It can be argued, though, that today’s White House is the DC equivalent of the Bergin Hunt and Fish Club, Gotti’s hangout in Queens, or the Ravenite Social Club, where he hung out in Manhattan.

While the bugs in the White House are self-planted and the bugs in the Ravenite were the work of the FBI, both places are bugged.

Both places are fronts for racketeering.

Both are places where nefarious plots are hatched.

It took a long time to convict Gotti of everything. Hence, not only was he the dapper don, he also was the Teflon don. But eventually, they got him.

Underboss Rove probably will face his day, too. But for now, he’s as Teflon as “Johnny Boy” was in the early years.

It hasn’t gotten to the point yet where the guys in the Washington Ravenite have to take “walk-and-talks,” where the principal felons step outside to discuss business that can’t be picked up by the eavesdropping equipment.

It’s like everyone knew Gotti was a crook, but he was such and engaging crook that there was little public outcry for his head. In fact, it appeared that no one outside organized crime cared a white beside a bunch of publicity hound prosecutors and some law enforcement hot dogs.

When Gotti went to jail, finally, nothing much changed. The corporation, after all, is bigger than the city it cheats.

In the “Godfather” movie, Michael Corleone is always talking about when his “Family” will be 100% legit. So far, through a main picture and two sequels, that hasn’t happened. In the real world, there IS no Michael Corleone, and no one wants to be more legit than it takes to launder money without being spotted.

But now we have Teflon Karl. Wonderful! It’s nice to know we’re in good hands. He’s just a flak for the GOP. Like Gotti was a salesman of plumbing fixtures.

The Washington doesn’t have to launder money – it has the only license to print it.

I'm Wes Richards, my opinions are my own, but you're welcome to them.

(c) 2006 WJR

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