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957 More On Lipitor

957 More On Lipitor

Let’s start with this tidbit from Wessay™ 955:

Lipitor $4 Co-pay:
With the patent expired and generics available, the maker of this drug wants you to buy it through its own mail order pharmacy/partner which won’t let you if you’re on Medicare or a Medicare advantage plan... and this is not clear on the application.

Now we add:

But wait, there’s more!

Lipitor is expensive.  The co-pay is $200 for a three month supply.  So, Pfizer has started advertising the four dollar co-payment plan.  Apply, and maybe get on this cholesterol lowering gravy train (theirs, not yours,) and pay as little for it as you would for the generic now that the patent has expired.

They put you through application hoops, and the last one is “Leave your phone number and we’ll call you back in the next 48 hours” to confirm all the stuff you’ve said.”  And they do.

And then they tell you that Medicare Advantage insurance disqualifies you for this program.  

Final words to the operator:  “If you would make that clear on the application, you wouldn’t be wasting my time and yours.”


Okay, deed done.

But wait!  There’s STILL more.

The next day arrives in the e-mail a downloadable, printable $4 Lipitor discount card.

Okay.  So who’s right, the phone lady or the e-mail?

Let’s call the help line.

The help line is automated.  Really automated.  No human contact.  Okay.  Let’s call the financial aid line.  The financial aid line says “oh, we don’t cover that.  I’ll give you a number where you can call a live operator to ask your question.”

For reference, here it is: 1-877-234-3050. Save it.  You may need it.  It’s unlisted.

First thing happens is the live operator -- sounding like Lily Tomlin’s “Ernestine” starts reading a pitch for Lipitor.

Customer:  “Please stop reading the pitch. I know all that stuff. But I have a question.”
Operator: “...and when you take Lipitor you will...”
C: “Ma’am, please!”
O: Oh.  Okay, what’s your question?
C: “Why was I turned down for a card and then you sent me a card? And who is right, the lady who rejected me or the e-mail?”
O: “Oh, that must have been sent by someone other than us.  A local doctor or pharmacy...”
C: “Ma’am, no local doctor or pharmacy has an e-mail that ends in “”
O: “... must have been sent by a local doctor or …”
C: “Madam, it was sent by Pfizer.  Who is right, the live operator or the e-mail?”
O: “  Uh... the live operator.”
C: “Thank you.  Have a nice day.”

Should bill them for time spent.


--Lynn Samuels has died.  One of the loudest and least predictable progressive radio hosts, she had no problem taking on president Obama along in addition to the right wing army that dominates and imperils this country.  Samuels was 69 and from Woodside, Queens -- which was unmistakable in her sound if not her views.

--Most phone call dialogues on this site end in “CLICK.”  These deserved “SLAM.”  And thanks to William A. Musser for teaching that the satisfying, phone-smashing “SLAM” can’t be heard by the party who is being SLAMmed.

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