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1163 The Roaches

1163 The Roaches

What’s going on here?  As of just the other evening, we were still wildly speculating and misreporting about the bombing in Boston.  “There’s been an arrest.”  No, there hasn’t.  “We have a suspect.” No we don’t.  “We have video and stills of the guys we think might be the guys.”  Maybe.

As of  post time, police say they’ve shot and killed one of the two men whose pictures they published after “black hat” shot and killed a police officer at MIT in Cambridge.  Also as of post time, “white hat” is still on the loose.

In the midst of all this comes the Detroit News newspaper which puts an illustrated recipe on its website.  It instructs you about the ways you can make your very own pressure cooker bombs, just like in Boston.  All of a sudden, everyone wants a pressure cooker and asks at Home Despot for the aisle number where they keep the ball bearings.  

Brilliant.  Also, they took it down after a wave of protests via Facebook and Twitter according to media blogger Jim Romenesko.  Good thing not a lot of people still read that paper.

Then there’s the bi-partisan ricin farmer, a Mississippi guy called Paul Kevin Curtis.  KC to his friends and the recipients of his powder decorated letters.  So far, we’re sure of only two, one to his U.S. Senator -- a Republican... the other to President Obama, a Democrat.  Even handed fellow, no?

At latest look they weren’t sure it really ricin, which comes from the same plant as castor oil but is much more effective.  The preliminary tests said yeah, that’s what it seems to be.  And the more detailed tests likely will, too.  Couple of tiny crystals on your tongue or in your lungs and you’re dead.  Fortunately, most people don’t lick or inhale white powder that comes in an envelope with the address and the accompanying letter written in crayon.

A few miles from Waco, Texas, a fertilizer plant either caught fire or was set afire.   Soon after first responders first responded, the thing blew up.  Fertilizer ingredients will do that.  Ask Timothy McVey if you find the right seance to reach him.

At around the same time in the Senate, they voted against your safety and very likely your wishes by defeating gun legislation nicknamed the Caspar Milquetoast Bill, which may somehow, some way have saved a kid from a shooting death.  The thinking in Washington is “aw, heck, we have too many brats as it is.”

Kids don’t vote.  So why do anything for them that involves actual work?  (Mommies and daddies do, though.)

In the Bronx, the most beautiful borough of New York City and the poorest, the New York Times has been telling us this week about the worst court backup in the history of foot-dragging defense lawyers, perpetually lazy and stupid judges and prosecutors. Time lags way beyond anything else in the city or most other places.

In Phoenix, a formerly pretty nutjob is trying to convince us that she was the victim of the man whose head she sliced almost off, stabbed almost 30 times and shot in the face.

In Pennsylvania, child molester Jerry Sandusky is claiming he’s both innocent and misunderstood.

From Massachusetts to Mississippi to Texas, to New York, to Arizona to Washington, to New Roses, Pennsylvania the roaches creep out of the darkness and into the kitchen.  We are their meal.

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