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1174 Pulling the Plug on Current TV

1174 Pulling the Plug on Current TV

This unsigned notice has been living for awhile on the website of Al Gore’s ill-fated Current TV:

As many of you are aware, Al Jazeera acquired Current TV earlier this year and will be launching Al Jazeera America, a new American news channel. From all of us here at Current, thank you for your support and loyalty over the years. We're proud to have been a part of a community that values truth and integrity in media. We are very excited about our transition to Al Jazeera America and its commitment to hard-hitting, investigative journalism that puts a human face on the stories that matter.
We hope that you will sign up below to stay informed about the upcoming launch of Al Jazeera America.
Hard hitting probably isn’t the best way to describe an outfit like this.  But no one ever accused Gore or his henchmen of being great at PR.

What happens when a foreign outfit able and willing to endure enormous bad publicity and huge losses buys or starts a new company in this country?

RIght about now, you may be asking “when has that happened?”  Well, before it acquired Fox, NewsCorp’s Murdoch bought a bunch of US newspapers and magazines.  The New York Post loses more money every month than you will see in a lifetime.  But kindly old Uncle Rupert keeps it going because he loves newspapers, doesn’t understand TV, does understand that unlike the federal reserve, TV prints money, hence, he has a toy with political and commercial power.

Then there’s the Washington Times, owned by the Korean based Unification Church.  The WT and its sister ship, the current incarnation of United Press International lose buckets of money, to the point where the Times has stopped printing and instead relies on the internet.

Rev. Moon doesn’t have any American TV stations or networks.  You have to be a citizen here to own an over-the-air broadcast facility.  But the money from his flower peddling, love-bombing converts and tithers funds his right wing political porn factory.

Jazeera is funded by Arab oil state of Qatar, which no doubt can rely on its regional support if for some reason its oil runs out.  Qatar is about 4500 square miles, which means if you shipped it in a box the size of Connecticut, you’d still have to put in tons of packing peanuts.

Fox keeps telling us it’s fair and balanced, which we know is a lie.  Jazeera keeps telling us it’s objective.  They have a website.  Go read it.  See what you think.


--Got time for a riddle?  What’s all natural, organic, comes out of the ground and is scorned almost everywhere, despite its organatude?  Answer: Coal.

--If these strawberries are organic, what do you call the other kind of strawberries, inorganic?  Why that would be like eating polyethylene.  And maybe it is.

--Except it doesn’t matter whether you buy organic or inorganic strawberries.  Take ‘em home, put them in the refrigerator. Two days later half of them are rotten.

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