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1195 Eddie Loose Lips

1195 Eddie Loose Lips

Okay, okay, everyone calm down now.  We’re not in a crisis over Snowden the bean spiller.  It’s just a passing thing.

Eddie Loose Lips has neither done us a huge disservice nor is he a well sung hero.

Life and spying go on without him.  Be assured that the National Security Agency has not stopped checking your phone logs, nor has it pulled back any possible toes it has in the waters of our friends and enemies.

Anyone shocked by Snowden’s disclosures is living in some kind of dream world.  It was something you could have assumed for more than a decade.

The Obama administration wants to bring him back alive.  Eddie Loose doesn’t want to come back.  But as of this writing he’s not finding a big welcome anywhere.  

He’s kind of like Philip Nolan, star of Edward Everett Hale’s “Man Without a Country” short story from the Atlantic Magazine in 1863.  Nolan, tried for treason, is sentenced to serve a life sentence at sea and barred from hearing any news from  or of America.

Eddie is so far unconvicted, but appears to be heading for a life sentence in the supervised play area of a Russian airport.  He stays there much longer, he’s going to get really tired of what the feed him from the Ustensky Food Court or Kopeyka which is kind of like  McDonalds only with nostalgic posters of Stalin and Khrushchev on the walls.

Just the other day, Putin said he was not going to keep him there in defiance of his good friends and allies in Washington.

Earlier, Hong Kong sent him packing after he expressed a dislike for left over British era fish and chips.

Ecuador apparently doesn’t want him, possibly fearing a combined CIA/KGB operation in Quito that might end badly.  Eddie didn’t think that request through anyway.  Quito is nosebleed city and the air is pretty thin.

Bolivia is on the menu for now.  That might be a problem since the US has revoked his passport.

Hey, how about Cuba?  The Cubans could welcome him with open arms, give him a hero’s parade through the streets of Havana and then disappearing him.

After they stash him in some cane field, they can use him as a bargaining chip to end the US trade embargo.

That’s a win-win for everyone outside the Cuban American community.

In a way, you have to feel sorry for Snowden.  It’s likely he didn’t realize the kind of trouble he’d be in.

As for the US... well we just assume George Orwell was right, but picked the wrong year as a title for “1984.”

Move along, folks.  Nothing to see.  And we know who you are.


--The new Lone Ranger movie opens nationwide today and critics are merrily tearing it apart.  Every major reviewer we can find has written his or her funniest report in ages.  Too long, too complicated, too many plots, untrue to the original story line and filled with actors, writers and producers who came from “Pirates of the Caribbean” and should have stayed there.

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