Friday, June 19, 2015

1501 Rachel and the Charleston Gunman

Puzzlingly nuts, this woman, Rachel Dolezal, former head of the Spokane, Washington N-Double-A-C-P, born blonde, but now wearing a dye job and curls that mock what we loosely refer to as “black hair.”  A woman with a tanning salon brownish skin who says she “identifies black” and pretends to be.

Soon after Dolezal’s parents outed her as white, there was an incident at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina.  In the original Hebrew, Emmanuel (with two “m”s) means “God is with us.”

Not Wednesday, night, evidently.  Not on Calhoun St. in downtown Charleston when a white man with a gun opened the doors to the bright white building sat down for Bible study with the mostly African American parishioners and then an hour later began firing the gun his father gave him as a 21st birthday gift a short time ago.

At least nine people died.  Police call it a hate crime, which it obviously is.  Out in Spokane, Rachel was still cranking about her “experiencing life as a black woman.”  Right.

While South Carolinians were planning the funerals of loved ones, reporters around the country continued writing and speaking of Rachel’s numb suit against a historically black college that wouldn’t admit her. Discrimination, she said.  

She was white, then, she had said. Then, she “became black” and white people discriminated against her.  Poor Rachel can’t catch a break.  Now, she’s “trans-racial.” Huh?

There are easier ways to get on the Jerry Springer show, which is about the only place they should let her appear outside a padded cell.

They’ve caught the “man” they think is the Charlotte shooter.  He’ll talk about his tough childhood.  He’ll talk about the “war on white Christian men.”  He’ll tell the sentencing hearing after his conviction “I’m not a bad person.”  Yes you are.

This is not the first execution at  Emanuel AME.  One of its founders tried during the days of slavery to foment rebellion. He was put to death.

You don’t get used to things like that, you pass it on.  The people of Charleston and all other ordinary people are horrified but not mystified.

That, Ms. Dolezal, is “the black experience,” you play at being close to. And it has nothing to do with a dye job and a curling iron.


--Yeah, we know his name. Since it’s all over everywhere else, do we need to say it here? If so, why?

--South Carolina has no hate crime law, but it appears this shooting can qualify for the death penalty because there was more than one murder and the general public was endangered.  But like Fox News, we think the locals should be left to their own devices and the feds should remain in Washington.  With Fox it’s an anti-government position. For Wessays™ it’s for speed and simplicity.

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