Wednesday, March 16, 2016

1617 Kill the Messenger

OK, gang, if you didn’t know this previously, last night’s primary elections should have wised you up. You think politicians are running this country’s government? You think you have free-will voting? Well, bro, you’re wrong.

It’s the media. Not the “liberal” media.  Not the “drive by media,” not the “right wing media.”  It’s just the plain old evil, all seeing all powerful media.

All those modifying labels?  Just media-created subsets to hide the fact that we’re all out here taking our marching orders from someone who controls our every thought, our every feeling and our every action and therefore, yours.

After all, look how some of these terms came to be:

Liberal Media, the creation of the Chicago Tribune.
Driveby Media, the creation of Rush Limbaugh.
The plain old evil all seeing, all powerful media, the creation of everyone who feels left out or that there’s too much coverage of whatever it is they think shouldn’t be covered so much.

Heh heh heh!  We have you right where we want you, suckers.  We control your thoughts, your actions, your desires and most of all, your time.

Let’s blame Ted Turner for the creation of the worst of the Evil Media, the 24 hour news cycle. His was the first national TV news channel.

If it weren’t for CNN, Fox, and occasionally MSNBC, we’d all be better off.  That we can turn them off or disbelieve what we see and hear doesn’t figure into it.

If TV were limited to the morning, noon and evening news, they’d have to be more selective about what’s covered and in what way.

If papers published a few editions a day, we’d have to give up a bit of our “right to know” something that happens within ten seconds of its happening.

Why, there might even be some perspective.

The wire services have always been around-the-clock. But there was never a thought that people would receive wire service reports in their homes and offices.  Now they do.

The monster has to be fed.  The genie is out of the bottle.  TV and the internet.  The evil media.

(Radio doesn’t count because no one listens to all news all the time. They listen in and out periodically. But you can’t go into a bar or an airport or a bus terminal, a medical office and not see CNN or --even worse -- ESPN or “E! News.”)

It’s easy to cast blame in the direction of reports and reporters for the messes we’re in.  Trump, crime, which lives matter, which political party is the more evil of two evils, whatever.

But no one forces you to watch or believe.

Unfortunately, you’re a volunteer.  Where else can you get meaningful information on candidates, cops and robbers?

Certainly not from the candidates, cops and robbers.

What a feeling of power!  Makes those of us who retired regret it.  So many schmucks and dummies left to elevate into positions of authority.  So many good lives to ruin.  So many more snowstorms and hurricanes and droughts and floods still to scare you with.  So much race baiting yet undone. And think of all those highway pileups, especially those involving loaded school buses!

So many Kardashians. So many football scandals. So many vile thugs and hoodlums to hold before you so you can love or hate.

Is your brain really so easy to rot?  Are you really so susceptible to what comes over the tube or the computer screen?

Then shame on We The Evil Media for taking advantage of and victimizing you.  And shame on us for not profiting more by it.

--Formerly hyperactive exercise king Richard Simmons has half-broken a two year exile from public view with telephone interviews on “Today” and “Entertainment Tonight.”  He denied he was captive in his Hollywood mansion or under the black magic spell of his long-time housekeeper. But he sounded like the American with a gun to his head praising his North Korean captors and asking for political asylum.

I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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