Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Equal Opportunity

(41) Equal Opportunity

Okay, why are there no female sanitation workers in Moote Pointe?

It’s hard to tell, because the garbage trucks come in the pre dawn darkness. But careful investigation shows there are no women on the trucks.

Women run giant corporations. They serve in high government positions, like Secretary of State. They walk beats and drive patrol cars. They deliver mail. They run trains and subways and even 18 wheelers. They are Army Generals, doctors, lawyers and so forth. In this respect, 21st Century America has, at last, equaled the mid-20th century Soviet Union.

But not when it comes to sanitation workers. If Petrushka from Pinsk can be a hod carrier, why can’t Mary from Moote Pointe be a garbage hauler?

Also, auto mechanics. There are no women auto mechanics here, either.

Come to think of it, we have no male secretaries here at The Pointe, either. Probably we’re equal to the Soviets in this respect, too.

We also were hoping that the President would nominate someone to replace Greenspan who has no ability in math.

Please remember that Greenspan himself was an affirmative action hire. Reagan put him in office as chief regulator of monetary policy, finally finding a guy who didn’t believe in government intervention in the economy. That’s like hiring a preacher who doesn’t believe in a deity.

Maybe no Moote Pointe women want to be sanitation workers. Heaven knows why. It’s good, steady work. Good pay. Good pension. Good benefits, and about 200 holidays a year.

Maybe no Moote Pointe women want to be auto mechanics (who now call themselves “technicians” for some unknown reason.) Heaven knows why. It’s good, steady work. Good pay. Good Pension. Wait. Forget the pension.

Maybe no Moote Pointe men want to be secretaries (who now call themselves “assistants” for some unknown reason.)

Maybe Greenspan will become a secretary and his wife, Andrea Mitchell, a sanitation truck driver. It would be a nice retirement job for both. Even part time.

Which brings us to the notion of a woman President.

There’s some talk about Hillary Clinton. But that’s not going to happen. More likely Andrea Mitchell.

Which would stop Alan from being a secretary.

But one must make sacrifices. After all, it takes a village.

Maybe Oprah. That would solve a few problems. Woman President. African American President, sensible President who knows how to say she was wrong about something fairly significant.

Or maybe Judge Judy, who was mentioned for President in this space last month.

Footnote: the good people at Google’s Blogspot.com have finally decided these postings are not spam (little do they know, heh heh.)

This is inconsequential to anyone who reads them (you know who you are.) But it makes it easier than ever to post. No more secret codes and such that were at first necessary in order to get the words from the computer to the internet. No more hoops through which to jump to prove this is a legitimate Wessay and not something that tries to sell you generic or herbal pills.

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John G said...

Not many male housewives, either.

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