Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Going to plant an “Ironwood” tree. See if we can get some of that saw-killing fiber back into the atmosphere. The great grandchildren can harvest it and then figure out how to cut it into pieces and make something of it.

While we’re at it, let’s re-issue everything.

It’s a successful marketing strategy for musical instruments (guitars, banjos, flutes.) It’s a successful marketing strategy for cars (the PT Cruiser, Challenger and Mini Cooper.)

It’s a successful marketing strategy for books. (Your favorite novelist has written the same story 12 times and they all sell.)

It’s a successful marketing strategy for musical recordings (Nat Cole lives! And Sinatra. And Furtwangler.)

It’s a Bonanza for old TV shows. (Lucy, MASH, and Bonanza to mention three.)

So, why not some other things, too.

How about re-issuing your high school sweetheart? Human cloning is just around the corner. Betty Lou Returns!

Or how about re-issuing old issues of newspapers? The “Times” was much more interesting on the day the Korean war ended than it was yesterday. Sure, we know the stuff. But why not know it again?

Remember those delicious cupcakes from your childhood? Make ‘em again. Just don’t confuse them with stored originals. You can EAT the re-issues.

And there are materials that no longer are used and maybe should be.

Pewter. Bakelite. Isinglass. Tin.

Ever see a real tin can?

Not lately.

How about a real sponge? One that’s made out of, well, SPONGE.

Oh, sure, there are modern items and modern materials that are far superior to the originals. Plastic plumbing. Aluminum engine blocks. Ceramic dental fillings.

But in an age of retro this and retro that, maybe copper, cast iron and gold still have their places.

They could re-issue cities. Carthage. Chicago before the fire. San Francisco before the earth quake. Havana before Fidel.

People are making a fortune by selling wooden filing cabinets. Why not wooden rocking horses? Wooden Tinker Toys.

How about re-issuing criminals? Jesse James was far more interesting than Colin Ferguson. Joey Gallo and Joe Columbo were far more interesting than the current crop of Russians and Viets and Colombians.

It’s not that we want to eliminate or replace today’s versions of these beloved memories. We just want to add to them, expand them.

How about re issuing US Presidents? Wouldn’t you prefer Ulysses Grant to the current guy? Or Hoover? Doesn’t the present President make you long for Nixon? Or Franklin Pierce?

Of course, re-issuing doesn’t ALWAYS work.

They tried it with the New York “Herald Tribune,” and Ipana toothpaste, and both bombed. And it would be silly to re make a computer with the chips they used ten or 15 years ago. And we can do without the 1955 Chrysler Imperial, the 1929 Packard and Gillette Blue Blades.

But there’s potential here.

Anyone know where to find Ironwood seeds?

I'm Wes Richards. My opinions are my own, but you're welcome to them.™

©wjr 2006

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