Monday, August 07, 2006

Mel and the (Other) Jews

120 Mel and the (Other) Jews

Only another Jew can be such a Jew-hater. Somewhere in his murky past, Mel Gibson had to have had a Jewish gene or two. Go back far enough and you’ll find that gene, probably in a grandfather or great grandfather. We’re everywhere, so it shouldn’t surprise you to find us in Ireland or wherever it is this guy’s people are from.

Let’s clear some stuff up at the start. One: the little piece of excrement’s apology is meaningless – most are. Two: this is nothing new with this guy. His movies smack of it, his fore-life smacked of it and his present life does as well.

What should we do with the little putz? Ignore him and he’ll go away. That’s the ultimate solution to the Mel Problem. Don’t go to his movies, don’t read stuff about him (except this Wessay, of course.) Take down the fan pictures. Boycott the “Globe” and the “Star” and “In Touch” or anyone else that writes anything about him. Let him become the non-person he is.

Mel’s not the first case of this kind. There’s plenty of evidence to link Adolf Hitler, probably history’s loudest and most effective Jew-hater had some “Jewish blood,” whatever the hell that is. There must have been one of those J-word grandfathers or mothers somewhere in his past.

Only another Jew can be such a Jew-hater.

In Austria at the start of the twentieth century there was so much intermarriage in Western Europe, you really couldn’t tell one brand of white guy from another.

Number two on the hit parade, and number one on the domestic list is Louis Farrakhan.

Born in the Bronx, raised in Massachusetts. Jamaican father, mother also from the islands.

Here’s a test. Go to the Jamaica phone book and find the name “Cohen.” Surprise, surprise, there are dozens, if not hundreds.

Today, most of them have brown skin. Originally it was a bunch of Hebes from Europe, come to infiltrate and infest St. Kitts or Jamaica or Trinidad.

Plus Lou always looked like a Seventh Avenue hustler even when he was King Calypso or whatever he used for his first stage name. This is the kind of guy you’d see stalking the halls of ancient office buildings selling surplus dresses or bolts of bulk silk. Dollar a yard. For you, 89 cents. Okay SEVENTY nine, but you can’t pick, you gotta take all of it. And you gotta use your own truck.

Adolf always looked like a crazed clerk in a fish store, someone in a Vienna suburb who’d say stuff like “If you buy the Salmon today, you’d better cook it today, unless you’re trying to poison your husband. In that case leave it out overnight and cook it mid day tomorrow.

Mel looks like Schlomo after the Ken Doll facelift.

Adolf, Lou and Mel. Are they Father, Son and Holy Ghost, or just a preview of same-sex polygamy?

Maybe the problem isn’t Jewish anti-Semitism. Maybe the problem is organized religion, period.

I'm Wes Richards, my opinions are my own, but you're welcome to them.

(c) 2006 WJR

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