Friday, November 10, 2006

The Pelosi Problem

161 The Pelosi Problem

Speaker Pelosi summarized the main flaw in the Democratic Party with a five word aphorism on election day, 2006. She said “…the… party is not about revenge…”

In less than two seconds, she summarized what stops Democrats and propels Republicans.

The Republican Party IS about revenge. And punishment.

The Democrats really are, too. But they want to be “above all that,” and so have consciences, generally. Those consciences get in the way when they try revenge, and slow ‘em down.

If the parties were reversed and Republicans just assumed power, here’s what would happen:

1. Impeachment proceedings would begin right away.

2. War crimes trial might follow.

3. Every office holder of the opposition party would undergo an IRS audit.

4. The sex lives of every office holder of the opposition party would be exposed.

5. The draft records of every member of the opposition party would be exposed.

6. Talk radio hosts and “friendly” publications would be harnessed in various smear campaigns.

The Republicans went after Clinton as if he were – well, Saddam Hussein. Now the Democrats should go after Bush the same way. Every payoff, every drunken bender, every coke snort, every puff of marijuana.

And ridicule. The scene aboard the aircraft carrier, with the flight suit and helmet and the banner that read “Mission Accomplished.”

Hastert waffling about the congressman who likes little boys.

Flip flopping was a popular Republican term/accusation during the election of ’04.

Just before the election of ’06, Bush said Rumsfeld was on board for the rest of the Presidential term.

Couple of weeks later, Rumsfeld is resigned.

If that ain’t flip-flopping, what IS?

The conservative spinmeisters are busy telling us that the right lost the election because it has drifted too far left. If only, they say “we” had stuck to our Reagan conservatism, we’d still be the party in power.

They shudder at the authority Charlie Rangel will have now (some of them don’t realize he’s black, which would outrage them even more.)

Democrats choose to keep this kind of thing to themselves. “We’re above all that.” Aw, c’mon. They’re not above it, they’re just overcautious and engaged in self debate when they do it, and therefore, they don’t do it effectively. Let’s “re-calibrate” that statement as St. Rumsfeld might say. The Democratic LEADERSHIP tries to be “above all that.” The voters don’t.

Here’s a fine example. Pennsylvania threw out Boy Wonder Senator Rick Santorum. Exit polls say so. They didn’t vote for his opponent, who could have been Lassie or Saddam Hussein. They voted against Santorum.

Forget the high ground, Ms. Pelosi.

Get in there and give these guys the same kind of beating they give you.

I'm Wes Richards, my opinions are my own, but you're welcome to them.

(c) 2006 WJR

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