Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Scaife Wing

#350 The Scaife Wing

Richard Mellon Scaifre of Nowhere, PA ain't what he used to be. But the memory lingers on.

Scaife is the newspaper zillionaire who funded Kenneth Starr and his clones, the guys who seemed like all-Americans trying to take over America and turn it into a skinhead paradise.

Scaife has started opposing the war and isn't so sure anymore that Kenny, baby is the right guy to dictate to America.

And we're not all that sure that he's the funding behind the current Scaife Wing. But someone like him certainly is.

We think of Rush Limbaugh as a buffoon. But he isn't. He's an influence. And in recent days he's been campaigning against Sen. John McCain's presidential bid and for former Governor Willard Romney's.

He liked Fred Thompson, too. But dead Fred had the electrodes pulled from his head and the body politic that was this Frankenstein has ceased to function.

Now, it's Romney for President.

Why? What does this radio talk moron know that we don't?

Where is the money coming from beside Romney's own prodigious bankroll?

From anyone who wants to destroy the Republican party in the name of conservatism.

Day after day this buffoon tells us how McCain, nice guy that he is, is not true to conservative principles and that Romney, who has switched his position on so many issues no one can count them, is.

Thompson's withdrawal from the race for the Republican presidential nonination leaves a pretty dry field of conservatives.

So the Scaifies have to come up with someone to out-Fred Fred.

Somewhere in the back of all this is someone's money. Probably not Scaife. He doesn't have enough. And these days, he doesn't even seem to have the will he once did to destroy American values. So someone is feeding the Limbaugh monster.

The question is is anyone paying any attention to this guy?

The answer is yes.

People listen and believe "it wouldn't be on the radio if it weren't true."

Guys like Rush want power. They want to dethrone the east and west coast men and women who are the real republicans. And while he spends a lot of time and energy trying to make McCain and former Arkansas Governor Mike Hucklebuck seem like raving liberals (i.e. Democrats from 1945,) he's become a man without a candidate, but not without principles. He wants to turn you into a plow horse.

He wants to give you "choices." Choices in health insurance, choices in jobs, choices in investments. Translation: he wants you to spend so much time and effort on this claptrap that you don't have any time to evaluate what's gong on around you.

Here's what's going on around you: a theoretical end to the compromise and colaborations that have made America great, all the while denying that's the reaon for our national greatness. Here's what's going on around you: a denyal of reason couched in the most reasonable-sounding terms. Here's what's going on around you: a theocracy in the making, but not just a theocracy, but one which aims to make Christianity the State Religion. (The Constitution forbids that, but no one with any clout is watching.

Here's what's going on around you: an attempt to take over the means of communication, the media.

Once these guys get into power, you can forget American values, you can forget cooperation, you can forget coalition.

These people want nothing more than total power over you and yours.

They pay lip service to individualism, but that's all it is. What they want is to control you.

Why? Because they're a bunch of frightened psychotics who think that they know how the world works, but haven't a clue.

And they're being led by someone who makes Goebbels look like a rank amateur.

Are you going to get sucked in? Or are you going to turn what's left of your brain back on?

I'm Wes Richards. My opinions are my own, but you're welcome to them.®
©2008 WJR


tinker said...

Limbaugh: Who's behind him? Who emboldens him? Good questions. Anyone we might point to, or the nebulous 'true conservatives'?

An aside......someone said: if you want to see what a persons true character is like, give them a little power.

A comparison......Hitler used Jews as Limbaugh uses Liberals. If he is a mouthpiece, it is scary.

I'm too ignorant of the circles of power to guess who is moving outside the the circus tent. I can blindly point at the RNC, but I suspect they are an onion layer.

KLeaving the conspiracy theory for a minute........ I will venture to say that anyone who feels they are 'on the inside', or feels they are protected by authority, or has a strong need to belong to the team, might follow the dogma of a Limbaugh. His legions of followers might be all there is to his sense of omnipotence, but really he seems to cocky on the radio for that.

He might be getting long in the tooth, perhpas still relavant to older demographics. I suspect a far more sleek and stealthy replacement has been found in Mr. Dennis Miller, which is ironic, since his trusted sidekick is Jewish, and declares himself a Liberal. Yet Miller serves so well the 'divide, distract and conquer' role of Limbaugh.

Keep up the good fight.
An idealistic tinker.

pipskippy said...

As an extension, I'd like to know what you think the internet's effect on the traditional media propaganda has been. It seems like it's made no difference.

And NPR has become such a Sesame Street, it's far more entertaining to turn off the radio and think.

Wessays (tm) said...

The essential news source in this country is The Associated Press. Everything else depends on it to at least some extent.
There's a lot more static in the air and in print, some of it internet generated. But basically, the newsgathering of today is the newsgathering of 100 years ago, only with fewer credible sources.
And speaking as a former AP editor, I have to say that the death of UPI was the worst thing that has happened to news reporting. Ever. Yes, UPI still exists -- but now as an arm of the Unification (Moonie) church, and that's a broken arm. For all practical purposes, it's dead. That leaves no real competitor for the AP, which has gotten round and flabby. Reuters tries. So does AFP. And they do a nice job. But they're not widespread enough to truly compete with the AP.
Do the websites like Limbaugh, Fox, Salon, Huffington, CNN make a difference. Sure. And they'll influence coverage more heavily in time. But the basics remain unchanged.

pipskippy said...

Interesting... Thanks for the input, Wes

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