Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Liars!

#344 The Liars

Those closed mouthed, sneaky stone farmers in New Hampshire? They're liars. They told us they were going to make Sen. Obama of Illinois their choice for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. Then they turn around, and go to the ballot box, and stuff it full of paper for Hillary Clinton!

Teach us to believe what voters tell poll takers.

Lies. Damned lies.

You ask 'em if they think it's going to rain, and they pause for half an hour and say "yep," and no rain for a month.

You ask 'em who they want for President, they say Obama. THEN it rains. But only on the candidate.

Oh, the pundits say, "we missed something... but WHAT?"

Yeah, you missed something. You missed that people from places like Maine and New Hampshire and Vermont don't like to be pigeon-holed, and when they feel they're in a coop, they do the opposite of what they led you to expect.

And you missed this: Hillary Clinton won the primary

This New Hampshire Primary was supposed to be hang-up-your-cackle-and-tears time for Clinton.

"Ehhh, nope."

So what else are they lying about?

Not McCain. The voters spoke the truth and the polls were right.

But since the whole state is just a tryout in advance of the Broadway opening, the results don't matter beyond giving new life to a winning candidate everyone expected to lose.

Nice that Sen. John made a hurrah, perhaps his last, though who knows, because there are liars in every state.

Second place horse Romney says he's going to carry on. Great. A big show for people who buy kaleidoscopes or have pet chameleons.

He made a little speech when it became clear he wasn't going to win, which itself was not a terrible shock for anyone beside the 182 members of his immediate family.

Third place (show horse) Democrat John Edwards, who often is confused with Romney (they share a barber and a dentist) came out with that same speech. He's going to carry on.

Oh Joy.

About the best thing you can say for the New Hampshire thing is that the turnout was heavy. Probably, that's a function of the spring-like weather, as much as it was the passion of the voters. We could take a poll about why they voted. But since we've established that New Hampshire is populated almost exclusively by liars, who'd believe the figures.

A lot of people missed two important points:

(1) Global warming is, indeed, man made. Look at the hot air generated in this thing. And
(2) No one is trying to figure out how to harness the output of hundreds of blowhards -- the politicians and their lackey legions, the advertising creators and the talking heads of the media world.

By the time the campaign ends and the election is held, we'd have enough wind power to put ExxonMobil, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and a raft of otherwise needless entities out of business.

I'm Wes Richards. My opinions are my own, but you're welcome to them.®
©2008 WJR


Anonymous said...

Check out for some thoughts on this and the Diablo opti scan voting machines used in N.H. This blog is done by a PSU prof

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it's Diebold not Diablo.

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