Friday, November 07, 2008

472 Breakfast at the Chicago White House

472 Breakfast at the Chicago White House

President Elect Obama is spending a lot of time at the gym. That's how he remains skinny and fit. The rest of us will have either to go to the "Y," or accept that we're just going to remain "double wides," which may be our destiny. How do we know this? Because his every waking moment -- and probably his every sleeping moment is getting full coverage.

Yes, from now until inauguration day, we all will be forced to learn what the President Elect does each morning, noon and night. We will know how many strawberries he had with his Cheerios. We will learn what brand of beer he has with lunch, if any. And we will learn which of the National Security briefings he heard each day, but, of course, not what's in them.

We will know what kind of car he drives (Ford,) we will know where he buys his suits (Marshall Field's now Macy's) and what kind of puppy he will be giving his girls.

We will learn who is under consideration for a cabinet post, and what he orders from the McDonald's Dollar Menu (I'd bet the double cheeseburger, a genuine bargain.)

This is no fun. It's no fun for the President Elect, it is no fun for the reporters, photographers, sound technicians, satellite and microwave truck operators, producers, directors, editors, news anchors, viewers,listeners or readers. But compared with what comes next, this is the fun part.

After inauguration day and the surrounding hoopla, the real work begins.

It's always seemed amazing, being able to put together an administration and have it up and running in as short a time as they do it.

Can you imagine after taking the oath, President Obama leans into the ear of Chief Justice Roberts and says something like "Listen up, cement head, 'Roe' Stays."

Won't happen, of course, but it's a nice thought.

The right wing talk machines are cranking up The Big Scare. "Obama, the baby killer." "Obama will take your guns." "Obama will raise your taxes to the point you won't be able to afford your house." The talk-heads are in full panic mode on the outside, but secretly gloating on the inside. After all, if one of their guys had been elected, they wouldn't have anything to say for the next four years. That, of course is a generous assessment. The more thoughtful among us may have realized long ago that they never have anything to say.

Yes, the Rushes and Savages and such have become even less relevant than they were a few days ago. Of course, they hedged their bets all along, by criticizing McCain, too. Golly, what would they have done if Romney had won?

Oh. And by the way, how many strawberries DID Obama have with his Cheerios this morning?

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