Wednesday, November 04, 2009

620 Political Sports Bars

620 Political Sports Bars

There are specialty bars for almost everyone. The Hoity Toity set has places like the Bull and Bear. Student bars in college towns. Neighborhood joints in neighborhoods. Newsguys' taverns outside most papers and broadcast companies. Sports freaks have saloons all over the map. So why not political junkies?

Oh, sure, the K street crowd and other Washingtonians have their oases. But actual work gets done there. They are the lobbyists' equivalent of the golf course. But this isn't the subject here. The subject here is saloons that cater to the armchair quarterbacks who have no clout.

Walk into Mickey Mantle's and everyone's an expert, even without Mickey being there. Why can't politicos have a similar place, a place to sit down, have a drink or ten and an argument with other armchair experts.

The bar industry is missing a major segment of the population and in these economic times, no niche should go unfilled.

Welcome to Limbaugh's. Here's where Conservatives can swap lies and analyze and demonize Obama and everyone like him. Here's where conservatives can have a Hillbilly Heroin Delight or, if they're fundamentalistically inclined, a Virgin Mary and spend the night beating up on mis-labeled "socialists."

Or welcome to Dick And Nelson's RINO Lounge where friends of Nixon and Rockefeller can cry in their beer about being muscled out of the Republican Party while sipping their Albany Red Stout or their Casa Pacifica Pina Coladas.

Then, there's Spitzer's on Fifth, a watering hole for ... well, maybe watering hole is a bad choice of phrase.

Or Harry's Bar (no, not THAT Harry's bar, Harry Reid's bar, the one where you can get sand in your sandals and bogus land deals along with your Chorus Line Cocktails and where there's never a cover or minimum.

Political junkies need places of their own just like sports nuts. Wide screen, high def TVs where the latest rallies are reported and the scores. Scantily clad college girls serving adult men and women (but mostly men) drinks as they solve the political or international crisis of the moment -- just like at the sports bars.

Places where guys get into stool and bottle fights, not over who was the best World Series shortstop of all time, but who was the greatest tax and spender or the most self reliant of all time.

It's an under-served market and it's about time someone found it and exploited it. Bar specials on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in EVERY month.


--Did the big C Conservatives learn anything on loosing NY 23? Yes. They learned they'll have to spin their nonsense faster and harder in the future. And they will.

--Corzine lost and so did Bloomberg. "What?" you say, but Bloomberg won. Technically, yes, but in New York, the third time's not the charm, it's the curse.

--Game six tonight. Whooda thunk there'd be such tension at this point in the series? Everyone.

I'm Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you're welcome to them.®
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