Friday, February 05, 2010

660 The Big Game

660 The Big Game

The Big Game is Sunday. It pits New Orleans against Indianapolis. We can't tell you the name of the game or the names of the teams, only that is the NFL's championship contest. Were we to mention the actual title, the NFL would probably force this post from the internet under the threat of a lawsuit.

Yes, it's okay to say World Series or Masters Tournament or US Open. But it's not okay to say Super... uh oh, almost slipped there.

We're not supposed to say those two words one after the other without having paid zillions for the rights to do so. Technically, this applies only to advertisers who are not participating in the overpriced, overrated commercials that come along with the game or are somehow profiting from the name. So if Joe's Bar and Grill is having a party this Sunday, say around 6pm, it may advertise "the big game," or "the big game in Miami," or the "professional football championship." But apparently "Colts" and "Saints" can't be uttered. Just New Orleans and Indianapolis. Before one recent year's "big game" the NFL forced a church to change the name of its you-know-what party to something else because in advertising it, the called out The Name That Can't Be Mentioned and planned to charge admission. Let's not let those money grubbing churches profit from taking the name of the game. Let them hold bake sales and pot luck suppers!

Preserving intellectual property is important. But when something gets to be part of the language -- like Kleenex or Aspirin -- it's time to compromise. In the meantime, put some new Duracells™ in the remote, get yourself a six pack of Bud™ sit down on your La-Z-Boy™ right there in front of you Sony ™ TV. Maybe some ribs and a bag of Wise™ Chips. Plenty of Bounty™ Napkins and watch You Know What. It might even be a good game. Even if New York and New York aren't in it.


--Why does every right wingnut broadcast have ads for gold buying? It's part of the fear mongering that has become their way of life -- and communication. But the dollar is getting stronger and gold prices are falling and if you don't believe that, check out the shopping channels that are back in the 24K business after hawking silver for the past year because gold prices were too high.

--There's been a lot of Toyota stuff in this space for the past while, and here's more: Ya think the federal folk are pounding the company so mercilessly because they now own a major competitor, GM? Nah. They'd never do that (would they?)

--Who's smarter, the rating agencies or Warren Buffett? They've just lowered Berkshire Hathaway's rating which had been triple-A because the company bought a railroad. The smart money's on Warren, plus since when does BRK have to BORROW?!

I'm Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you're welcome to them.®
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