Wednesday, December 08, 2010

793 You're Gonna do WHAT?

793 You're Gonna Do WHAT?

Wait a minute. Who's running that loony bin in Washington, anyway? They're going to add $700 billion-with-a-"B" to the national debt so a bunch of yacht sailing parasites can keep their undeserved and unearned tax cuts for a two more years? And this is because? It's because it's the only way to get everyone to agree to extend unemployment benefits with the jobless rate back at ten percent?

Yeah, it's a mere 9.8. The extra .2 is a rounding error. And ten percent doesn't tell the whole story, as you know. In the real world, the rate is closer to 15 or 17 percent when you count those so despaired they've given up searching. And if you count the underemployed, one can only guess at the figure.

The supposedly populist Republican members of congress and the supposedly liberal President have agreed on a plan that could only be cooked up in a grad school course for muggers or the mind of George Orwell whose Animal Farm pigs learned to walk on their hind legs. This agreement, of course, could fall apart pretty quickly once the Democrats in congress get to sign off -- or not sign off -- on this weasel deal. The first thing the White House did was dispatch vice president and former senator Biden to capitol hill to twist some old familiar odds. He's chances of success are slim.

So this brings us back to the question about who's running the asylum. And the answer is a hand full of Republicans, the minority party, and who keep repeating the same mantra "tax cuts create jobs." Uh, how's that working out for you? How many jobs were un-created during the period these cuts have already been in effect? And all that Republican worry over debt and deficit? Ah, what's another three quarters of a trillion dollars? They think maybe Visa or MasterCard will give them a zero percentage promotional rate on the balance transfer?

This kind of "compromise" is becoming a habit, kind of like crack addiction. Whatever the ultimate end to this agreement, it's inspiring. But not as the President would like. What it will inspire is a "Ban Barack" or "Obliterate Obama" or "Bano-Bama" movement for the 2012 election. Wish you'd read the Wessay from November 8th.


--The Highway Department's motorist information radios are crackling with snow excitement and we know this because the road signs that say "special alerts when flashing" are flashing. The department likes to warn people of hazards, which in some cases is the sum and substance of their design and maintenance divisions. Warning people to be careful is a lot cheaper than actually fixing the road.

--Citing complex and difficult security precautions, the U.S. Mint has announced it misprinted a bunch of $100 bills. They're not in circulation. Maybe because of the misprint. But also likely because that "$100" value is a lie.

--A safe journey skyward for Lena Scarpaci, formerly of Merrick NY, who passed away earlier this week. No-nonsense nobility personified.
Mrs. S. was 102.

--Likewise to Elizabeth Edwards, brave and talented, she would not let cancer get her -- until it got her. She leaves behind two truly inspirational books, and a lot of inspirational memories. Sixty one years is too little time.

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