Friday, July 22, 2011

890 Wendi's No Burger Queen

890  Wendi’s No Burger Queen

A woman recently sized up Wendi Murdoch as “definitely not Ghetto.”  The speaker has authority on such when it comes to America.  She is an astute observer of the passing scene, a reputable and capable journalist accustomed to and skilled at piercing the shells worn by most of the rest of us.  Just not this time.

In the ghettos of Europe, people bought or made and wore simple outfits -- often plain black hats and coats.

In the ghettos of America, people buy $200 sneakers and Saturday Night Specials.

In the ghettos of China, the women buy Manolo Blahnik shoes and Louis Vuitton  handbags.

Wendi Deng Murdoch started life as Deng Wen Di.  That’s Mao’s metaphor in “simplified” Cantonese for “Cultural Revolution” Deng.   Just so you know where she came from.

Since her birth in 1968 she has:

--Stayed with an American couple as a student, a couple whose marriage mysteriously broke up soon after her arrival.  She green-card married the guy, 30 years her senior,  who...
--Divorced her when she was said to have had an affair with a younger man.
Later she:
--Married another guy.
--Divorced the new husband.
--Got work with the Murdoch operations in Hong Kong.
--Put herself in Murdoch’s path.
--Married him and had two children with him.
--Lobbied and politicked her children into the family trust originally only for the older Murdoch “kids.”

And she will most certainly become a rich widow, unlikely to be found wearing her Blahniks to lunch at Wendy’s or Burger King.

Gold digger?  Nah.  Power luster, maybe. Just normal behavior for that particular ghetto.

There’s no doubt she’s smart, well educated, multi-lingual and throws a good right hook. And at 43 she’s as good a chunk of eye and arm candy as you’ll find in her demographic especially when seen alongside her husband who is starting to look like a troll, as many men do at 80 through no fault of their own.

But let’s not put her on that pedestal, even though she helped remove some of the tension of her husband and stepson’s appearances in front of Parliament.

And no one ask her “Where’s the Beef?”


--Colorado granny-ager Yukari Myamae was only doing what we all want to do, groping back at a TSA agent. At first they wanted to charge her with sexual abuse for grabbing and twisting the left breast of an agent.  They changed their minds but deny rumors they’ve offered her a job groping passengers.

--Apple stock has been on the rise lately.  But don’t get the idea that it’s the new Berkshire-Hathaway, even though both appear to be one-man shows.  Apple is based on innovation which won’t go on forever.  Berkshire is based on sound investment strategies, mostly in a huge collection of names you know and trust.

--Professional boxers need a union.  Else they will spend their declining years dottering from brain injuries, hearing bells that no one else hears and drooling.  At least in the NFL, the players can try for post career health insurance.

I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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