Friday, February 10, 2012

977 Apoproxy

977 Apoproxy

Comes a one pound package of paper from Ding Dong Mutual Insurance:
“Dear Sir, since you buy your insurance from us and since we are a ‘mutual’ company, ‘us’ includes yourself.  Please read the enclosed materials, carefully considered by your board of directors, which urges you to vote for our recommendations.  If you would rather vote in person, you are welcome -- by presenting valid, government-issued photo i.d.-- to attend our annual meeting on April 11th.”

Hmm.  Attending the annual meeting might be fun.  Chance to get to see how these guys, “us,” operates.  Now, where is it again?  Hmm.  Well, surely it gives that information somewhere.  We’ll get to it eventually.

First, let’s look at what’s on the ballot.  Three candidates for three vacancies on the board.  Amendments to the bylaws, including one to reduce the size of the board and another to make sure the board considers only issues of importance, leaving the rest of the company to the executives.  

Does this mean the board of directors has been processing claims?  Delegating parking spaces?  What?

Let’s go to that meeting and find out what’s going on with this outfit!  Still can’t find where, though.

Then, a space to approve retaining the auditing firm that’s been doing the books for the last million years.  Why is that a question?  Gotta go to that meeting.  Gotta be a time and place in here somewhere!

Four thousand pages of blah blah and countless invitations to the annual meeting.  No place identified, and no time.

But there’s a help line for information.  It’s after 8 PM, but maybe there’s someone still there.  After all, it’s around ten in the morning in Mumbai.  They answer.  So, where’s the meeting?  And what time does it start?

Operator: “Oh... I think I have that information here somewhere.”  Long pause, then: “yes, it’s at company headquarters” (she gives the address.)

Customer:  “When does it start?”
Operator: “Just one moment, please.” Long pause, then “Ten a.m., sir.”
Customer:  “Is this call being recorded?”  (It is.) “May I make a comment and have you pass it along to some big shot?” (Yes.)  “If they keep inviting you to the meeting and don’t tell you when and where it is, they are either incompetent or hiding something.”

Anyway, this was helpful in making decisions for the ballot.  “No” to everything.


--The lower house of the Pennsylvania legislature has approved a resolution declaring 2012 as the “year of the bible.”  The vote was unanimous.  See, they CAN get things done in the capital, but usually only the wrong things.

Have You Noticed? Stock prices have become even more detached from anything that has to do with what’s going on with the company they represent.

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