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982 You Can't Get a Man With a Gun

982  You Can’t Get a Man With a Gun

Oh, sure you can.  As long as your aim is decent.  The post’s title is a song from the musical “Annie Get Your Gun.”  But the substance is this from the Des Moines Register: there’s been a sharp increase in the number of women obtaining gun permits or going for shooting lessons.

Make you think twice before you plan a purse snatching or a carjacking... or worse.

Bullet Ralph from Ralph Avenue moved his gun shop to Suffolk County, Long Island some years back.  Shooting range out back.  Ralph sent us the Register article and says he hasn’t sold any of the pink bunny ears sound suppressors he stocks in three sizes and that go for over 300 bucks.  But he figures eventually they’ll move.  He’s thinking about running a mother-daughter special for Mother’s Day.

Getting a handgun permit on Long Island is tough.  But not nearly as tough as it is in the city.  He says the Ladysmiths have been flying off the shelves, relatively speaking, and the .22s, too.  Cheap ammunition.  Low recoil.  Not too noisy.

Ralph says the hype is good for business... not just in hardware, but in training.  “You get someone going for a (carry) permit and she’s got to fire a few thousand rounds here before she can get one.”  

So they’re lining up for time at Ralph’s Range.  Kind of like tee times at the golf course. Or tea time at the Teapot in Bellmore.  

“Think of it,” he says, “as a fashion accessory.  We even have holsters with rhinestones.”

No clay pigeons on Ralph’s shelves, though.  Why not?  “With so many real pigeons, who needs clay?”

If you want the whole story from the Register, click here.

Wessay™ 981 Correction:  The name of the town in which “Jew Pond” is situated is Mont Vernon, not Mount Vernon, New Hampshire.


--Get rich quick.  The storied University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism is offering a masters degree in communication management.  It is advertising said program with the headline “ a Lobbyist,” a good thing because we don’t have nearly enough of those.

--You can’t make this stuff up.  A full blown road rage fistfight on the street, each car with a “Practice Courtesy” bumper sticker, one green, one gray.  Perhaps they were yelling courtesies at each other, but getting close enough to hear seemed dangerous.

Signs of age:  The spam ads for Viagra and its cousins are slowly being replaced by ads for walk-in bathtubs, injury lawyers and sites that help you apply for section 8 housing.  Can ads for pre-paid funerals be far behind?

Have You Noticed? Nag as they will, some of us won’t “switch to the New Look” for g-mail until the old look is clutched in our cold dead hands.

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