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1005 Did You Hear the One About The Missile?

1005  Did You Hear the One About the Missile?

We’re all having a good laugh about that North Korean missile that fired off, guaranteeing the absolute safety of anyone in its direct path.  If this were America, we would have outsourced it to the Chinese or to the South Koreans or the Japanese.  Or to the Cambodians.  You know, some group that knows how to make stuff that works.

We should salute Pyongyang for one thing, though.  When the show flopped, at least they admitted it.  Of course, they had a little help.  The Evil Media was busy covering it.  And when you see footage of the thing crumbling like a Kaesong Shaman’s paper mache Muppet mask, there isn’t much deniability.   Still, it’s a step in the direction of openness.

The failure came under the worst possible circumstances for the Student Prince and his inherited kingdom.  It was a day that was to defy world opinion.  It was a day to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung.  It was Baby Doc’s first real show of military power since taking over for his father who took over from his grandfather.

Losing face is a big deal in Asia.  But no worries, he won’t fall on his sword.  What he will do is stage something he knows his military CAN do... like a nuclear bomb test.

A reminder:  These guys aren’t dummies and the failure of a test flight does not mean a failure of a mission.  They’re still pretty dangerous.  And like the Iranians, Al Qaeda, the Tea Party, drug lords, the Mafia and competition figure skating champions, they are to be respected for what they’ll eventually be able to do.  And feared.

Another reminder:  The American Redstone missile, based on the German V-2 failed a lot before it succeeded.  We eventually got it right.  They will too.  Couple of days after the unintended joke, Kim the Younger made a speech in which he denied he feared foreign powers.   That’s kind of like the ghetto kid who loses a fight and retreats while threatening the guy who beat him.   

Meantime, the country celebrated the birth of its founder with fireworks, music and dance.  And you’d better believe there was a little something extra in the paychecks of those who attended and posed for the cameras.  What we don’t know is what happened to the people who had “scheduling conflicts” and couldn’t attend.  Probably, they have no further need for schedules, conflicted or otherwise.


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