Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1006 (Self) Defensive Driving

(MOOTE POINTE NY) --  A motorist was stopped in the early hours of this morning and accused of speeding.

Cop:  Hey, Mario Andretti, you were going 80 in a 35 zone.

Motorist:  Yes... I was.  It was self defense.

C: Huh?

M: I was being followed.  Guy was right on my tail.  Had strange red and blue lights.  I was in fear of my life.

C:  That was me.  The lights are standard police car issue.

M: How was I supposed to know that?

The Moote Point Flee Your Ground Law allows someone in fear of his life to flee at speeds of up to 100 MPH.  But our motorist is going to have to prove the legitimacy of his fear.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Like George Zimmerman in Florida, who feared a kid armed with a package of Skittles.  And Anders Behring Breivik in Norway, defending himself against a bunch of kids at a political summer camp by shooting them dead, after blowing up a car in Oslo.  Self defense.  Even if the car was in a no exploding zone and the kids were at a weapons-free camp.

There is, of course, a slight racial/cultural component to all of this.  Zimmerman the white guy killed Martin, the black child.   Breivik, objected to the diversity in Norway.  (What IS that?  Bright white, Off White, Oyster White and two oil guys from Kuwait, a minyan of Hasidim and 14 women working off their indentured servitude at Asian massage parlors?)  He also hoped to prove that he only kept shooting until the police arrived, thus blaming the cops for more than half the deaths, was also trying to show that the Norwegian justice system had no jurisdiction over him.

Worked for two characters in Ayn Rand novels, so why not in Norway?  Or Florida.

Guy takes the stand... says he'd self- defend all over again.  Probably had a tough childhood.  Maybe ADHD.  Delusions of grandeur?  Gotta cut a poor gentleman with those burdens some slack.

Figure there are at least 77 people would glad to cut.  Or at least stab.

Too bad Norway doesn't have the death penalty.  

Members of  Breivik’s "international" secret society can't take matters into their own hands because a secret society without members also is without hands.


--What jumped out of the beautifully produced 60 Minutes Mike Wallace obituary on CBS?  How about this:  able and brave as he was, prominent as he was, during the tough questioning his arms usually were folded across his chest.  Body language interpretation, anyone?

--A toast to former colleagues at the Associated Press.  They won the investigative Pulitzer earlier this week for their stories about the NYPD spying on Muslims in and out of its jurisdiction and not telling the locals or the feds.  Aside to Ray Kelly:  how long you think Mayor Mike will continue to back you on this one?

--Another toast to reporter Sara Ganim of the Harrisburg PA Patriot News.  The 24 year old reporter won a Pulitzer for unearthing the little boy sex scandal at Penn State.  Her former paper, the Centre Daily Times of State College though nearer the epicenter, didn’t come close to her dogged determination.

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