Monday, May 28, 2012

1023 MegaBucks TV

1023 MegaBucks Television

Welcome to MegaBucks Television the new shopping channel for investors.   No more CNBC for you.  Or Bloomberg, Fox BN!  We’re here 24/7 to bring you bargains and exclusives that make your financial channels, newspapers and websites, your brokers and bankers obsolete!

You’ll be first to see new products.  You’ll get bargains on the things you need every day!   It’s just like Home Shopping, QVC, JTV, Liquidation Network and all the rest.  But it’s all here for you, the investor.

Later today, we’ll show you some new products that will not only help you make money, but will help the environment as well.  BV is your exclusive source for used plastic bottles.  It’s a hot commodity, and you’ll want to buy now while the price is low.  It’s SO new, there isn’t even an exchange for trading it.  But we have it all here for you.  Everything from portable sports drink bottles, to multi-liter cola bottles to great big water cooler tank-bottles.  Keep these things out of the landfill and get in on the ground floor of this exciting opportunity.  Be here at 3PM eastern for the debut of the BV Water Bottle Exchange.

Now, on to today’s special.  Berkshire Hathaway “A” stock.  BRKA closed Friday at about $119,400.  But because it’s today’s special, here, we’re going to give it to you for only $119-even.  That’s a whopping 400 dollars off the list price.  And since this is today’s special, you save the $200 usual shipping and handling charge … today, shipping and handling are free!  And you can choose EZ Pay!  Yes, easy pay.   Get this value home today for only $100.00.  We’ll charge your credit card another hundred for each the next 1200 months!  And you can bring home a share of one of America’s most prestigious companies today for only $100!  As a special bonus if you order now, you’ll get a copy of Warren Buffett’s Investment letter, absolutely free!

The phone lines are very busy, so keep dialing.  Or go to our website

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, ExxonMobil and all other major credit cards.  Don’t wait.  We’re expecting a sellout!

Now, let us introduce a special guest, Charles Ponzi, who will explain derivatives and hedge funds and has a few special exclusive MBT offers.

Charlie, welcome to MBT, and let me start by asking you if it’s possible to buy derivatives without “assembly required?”

“No, Dan, that’s part of the fun of derivatives.  You have to kind of put them together yourself.  But not to worry.  We include easy instructions with every item and you can always call our Derivative Help Line and speak to a customer service representative and assembly expert for a nominal fee.”

Please remember that past performance is no guarantee of future gains.  Loss of principal and interest or dividends is possible.  Market conditions vary.  This information is valid as of 5/28/12.  MBT does not warrant gains and by ordering you accept responsibility for your investment’s performance.  These are not government guaranteed securities.



I’m Wes Richards.  My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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