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1138 Neo-Loony Crime

1138 Neo-Loony Crime

Who do we blame for the latest spate of crazy crimes, some of them deadly?  Climate change?  Post traumatic stress syndrome?  The socialist monster eating America?  The fascist monster eating America?  High taxes? High unemployment?  Just getting high?  Too much sugar?  Brain distortions from artificial sweeteners?  The Devil?

The latest but not the greatest is the yutz who slapped a 19 month old on a plane (which he denies) and hurled a racial epithet at him (which he denies.)  The guy got fired.  He’s had temper troubles before, at least according to the Smoking Gun website.

Ranking far above that is the case of Oscar Pistorius, the legless runner and South African national hero charged with shooting his girlfriend dead. Pistorius, like the accused baby beater, Joe Hundley, has lost his jobs... in this case endorsement deals with Nike and Oakley.

Going up the list, another jobless cuckoo, Christopher Dorner, the fired ex-LAPD cop who went on a killing spree and then up smoked in a little house which the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s office vociferously denies have started intentionally.

Newtown.  Aurora.  And...

Jodi Arias, on trial in Arizona, charged with murdering her boyfriend by stabbing him almost 30 times, then cutting his throat ear to ear down to the bone and for dessert, shooting him in the face.  Self defense, she says.

And who can forget that blast from the recent past, accused but not found guilty Casey Anthony, and that blast from the future, George Zimmerman, who shot a teenaged boy for the crime of wearing a hoodie while black.

Are these crimes really strange?  In the context of the age-old history of criminality, not really.  But there’s an anecdotal update in progress now, and while it’s hard to define “crazy,” modern technology has helped create the unofficial neo-loonies.  

Was ex-officer Dorner’s “manifesto” any more intense than that of Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski’s? No.  Ted just had a longer run.

Does baby slapper Hundley’s baby slap rise to the level of Dina and Markiece Palmer’s beating to death her seven year old son because he refused to read the Bible?  Certainly not.  But everyone has heard about Hundley and you probably never heard about the Palmers.

Again, who do we blame?  Let’s consider CNN founder Ted Turner.  If he hadn’t sold his TV channels, Nancy “verdict overturned” Grace might still be an ordinary angry high-decibel continuously outraged prosecutor in a Georgia courtroom and the crime lessons she helps teach each evening on national television would be confined to a single venue, thus eliminating most of the students.

Or Helicopters.  Helicopters cause crazy crimes. Everyone’s riveted by searches in snowy mountains and chases on California highways.


--Okay, conspiracy fans, here’s one that hasn’t happened... yet... that we know of.  That cute lab tech at the clinic taking your “routine” blood samples may be taking a little more so they can send your DNA to the insurance company.  If you have the gene for Dread Gonk or some other horrible disease, they’ll find a way to drop you or raise your rates, and not by a little.

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