Wednesday, February 12, 2014

1291 Zimmerman and Dunn

You remember George Zimmerman, right?  He’s the guy who killed Trayvon Martin, who was walking while black -- and wearing a hoodie, each of which may be a crime in parts of Florida.

Zimmerman celebrated his acquittal by getting arrested on other charges in other places, not the least of which was getting physical with his wife.

Well, George has been having a tough few months.
He was scheduled to be in a prize fight with the rapper DMX.

Seemed like a pretty good matchup.  DMX’s rap sheet is a match for Zimmerman’s.

At the weigh-in they could not only weigh in and have their measurements taken, but they could determine who actually has the top number of felonies.  Height. Weight. Reach. Assaults.

Zimmerman has the age advantage… he’s 31, DMX is 43.  

But then, out of the blue, the promoter cancelled the fight.

All this came a relatively short time after Zimmerman’s wife filed for divorce, seeking what in Florida is called “Equitable distribution of assets.”  That means she gets both dogs.  

But she doesn’t get a share of his criminal record.  She has her own… charged with perjury at George’s bail hearing.

And they share an overdue income tax bill.

Other than the shooting death of the teen, this sounds like the plot for a segment on the Jerry Springer show.

In a way, you have to feel sorry for this guy.  It’s going to be tough getting a job with all that baggage.

Maybe someone will give him a radio talk show.  Ours is a business that disregards peoples’ arrest records. Check out people like Watergate break in figure Gordon Liddy, old time financial scammer Sonny Block and accused former drug abuser Rush Limbaugh.

Zimmerman could cry wolf and give us marriage advice. He could help us learn to be better hoodie spotters and which weapons to conceal.

Meantime, people are asking if Zim is the role model for one Michael Dunn, accused of shooting another 17 year old black teen, Jordan Davis for playing his music too loud in a car at a traffic light.

Dunn is 47, white and like Zimmerman is claiming self defense. He fired at the kid who was a passenger… and then defended himself further by shooting at the car as it sped away from him.

Zimmerman got off the hook for murder because there was so much fog fired at the case that no one knows what really happened.

The Dunn case is not so foggy.

At this writing, the case hasn’t been decided.  But from an outsider’s perspective, it looks like no amount of fog will help establish reasonable doubt.

Was Dunn too tanked up to know what he was doing?  Hard to tell because after the shooting he and his companion went to their hotel room, ordered a pizza and rented a movie.


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